There`s nothing worst than can happen to a Tennis player thnt being kept off the tennis court due to various injuries. For Rafael Nadal, health problems have been a constant issue over the past years. And the nightmare seems to keep going on haunting him. Following a slow start in 2016, Nadal later found his rhythm and got himself on the right path again. Unfortunately, at the French Open, he was coerced to withdraw due to a wrist issue. He further pulled out from Wimbledon. A question markcurrently revolvesaround his recovery. And more importantly, is he going to be able to put himself together for the Olympics in Rio?

A couple of weeks left.

According to, Nadal will make his return at the end of July. The Spaniard is set to play in Toronto, a Masters 1000 event. According to Angel-Ruiz Cotorro, Nadal`s recovery is as expected. Cotorro and Nadal have a long time relationship, with the Spanish doctor taking care of Nadal`s body over the past 15 years. Cotorro also highlighted the crucial aspect of every recovery a player suffers - patience. Wrist injuries are tricky and there is no space for errors. That`s why any unnecessary risk must be avoided. In this regard, Juan Martin del Potro will always stand as a negative example. A couple of years ago he thought he could play with his wristbeing not at 100 %.

It was a decision that almost cost his professional career. He played at this year Wimbledon following two and a half year with no Grand Slam appearances.

The Olympics are the perfect opportunity.

If Nadal follows his recovery`s schedule he will have so little time to set things in motion for Rio. The Olympic Games are set to begin right after the Canadian Masters.

As the flag-bearer of the Spanish team, he will have to endure some extra pressure. Above this, he is probablykeen to make a prodigious run as the one he did in 2008 in Beijing. Back in 2012, he missed that Olympics edition in London due to medical issues. Moreover, he needs a huge win in order to reignite his career and the Olympics seems just the right opportunity to do so.

The tennis contests in Rio will be played on a hardcourt surface. It is something that will please most of the participants judging by the fact that in that period the US hardcourt season will be in full swing and the US Open will also stand just around the corner.