Just when you thought Cleveland couldn't possibly stoop any lower, one Cavs fan takes the bar down another notch.

Ridiculing the Curry family in good sport is one thing, but calling Stephen's 3-year-old daughter a f**got?

Where's the "free speech," right?

Well, it's one thing when people are being overly sensitive and catching feelings concerning adult matters.

However, there are other times when there are clear boundaries that don't need to be overstepped, as regards children's feelings and self-perceptions.

How much is too much?

In this instance, even someone with an average moral standpoint would probably say that Cavs fan "Moe Wahdan"/@SoftCaramelKiss pushed the envelope a little too far with his Twitter rhetoric.

If you haven't seen the tweetfrom this Cavs fan, it reads as follows.

"You and your whole family get the f**k out of Cleveland and take Riley's f**got a** with you."

This tweet was addressed to Sydel Curry, Stephen's sister.

Well, after several Golden State fans began trolling the Cavs supporter for his comment againstRiley Curry, another user, Cheryll del Roserio, saw the Cavs fan's tweet. She sent it to one of Moe's employers, Holton Wise, via Twitter.

After reading the graphic nature of the message, the Cavs fan's employer responded approximately an hour later. Due to the unfavorable text within his tweet, the Cavs fan was terminated from his job.

Holton Wise simply responded in an apology and assurance that they've handled the situation.

You can view the tweet below.

To emphasize the company's apology in the matter, the Cavs fan's former boss, James Wise, makes a personal statement regarding his ex-employee's comment about Riley.

Does it affect Cavaliersfan? Eh...

Well, although several people can see the disrespectful nature of this guy's comment, you can also seefrom his Twitter profilethat the job termination hasn't really phased him at all.

The Cavs fanclaims that Holton Wise wasn't his real job anyway and that he hadn't worked for them in months. Yet, he did mention that people shouldn't blame the company for the actions of one person.

All in all, what are your thoughts about this Cavs fan? Did he take his commentary too far? Feel free to share your response in the comments below.

Antonio J. Newell is a writer for Blasting News. You can follow him on Twitter: @TonyBhaingz.

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