The Philadelphia Eagles fired Chip Kelly, despite the fact that he had a winning season. In fact, his offense style is said to have helped make one of the league's poorest team offenses into one of the top ones.

However, Kelly had another job besides being their coach; he was also acting as their general manager and had full control over personnel. He wasn’t very good at his second job, which is part of the reason the Eagles fired Chip Kelly.

Eagles fired Chip Kelly despite his improving team record

Kelly took over a team that wasn’t doing very well, and then making it into a good one.

He took over a team whose offense was ranked 29th in the NFL for scoring, and after adding Lane Johnson, he completely redid it, and turned it into a 4th placed offense.

Other things that happened were that LeSean McCoy had the top year of his career and lead the NFL in rushing, while Nick Foles threw 27 touchdowns and two interceptions, and Michael Vick made the best yards per attempt in his career, as well as DeSean Jackson getting the most yards in his career. With all that, the Eagles managed to win 10 and then got into the playoffs.

Kelly considered a pretty bad general manager

With all that to his credit, people may wonder, why have the Eagles fired Chip Kelly? Let the record show that when he was given control over personnel he started making moves that many say were confusing and not in the team’s best interest.

For instance, his decision to trade McCoy for injury prone Kiko Alonso was something many questioned.

It ended up that McCoy did well in Buffalo, while Alonso never did much good after he recovered from a torn ACL and missed several games. Kelly’s decision to get rid of McCoy was said to be due to salary caps, but his replacement, DeMarco Murray, cost the team just as much, so it appeared that a good player was replaced by a not so good one that gave the team a worse contract than before.

Kelly is said to have made poor decisions in many cases, and to have failed to do things like choose the right players, trade the right players, or to properly negotiate free agent deals.

These were just a couple of the decisions he made as general manager that could be said to be the reason the Eagles fired Chip Kelly, as they didn’t want to deal with these and similar sorts of decision making issues moving into next season.