"The Alienist" debuted as a mini-series on TNT in 2018. A 19th Century crime drama, it's based on the novel by Caleb Carr. The Television adaption was hit and would win a Primetime Emmy Award.

It was not a surprise when an adaptation of "The Angel of Darkness," the follow-up novel, debuted. The concluding chapter of the second "Alienist" series aired on August 9. Leaving an uncertain future for its main trio.

Finishes with an open ending

The crime-fighting team of Sara Howard, Laszlo Kreizler, and John Moore could be separating. At least temporarily.

The title character of Kreizler is set to head off to Austria. It comes after he's stripped of his license to practice in New York. The move followed his attempts to nurture a patient's dreams of being like Harry Houdini. With disastrous results. Kreizler plans to return to the United States, but not for at least several months.

His close friends in Sara and John remain doomed to stay apart, despite their affection. John is set to embark on a new life as a family man with Violet. Although his true love is Sara, he truly wishes for a stable life with a wife and children. Something that she doesn't she for herself.

Although the characters continue to have their flaws, things are looking up professionally.

John has been promoted at The New York Times and Sara's detective agency is expanding, allowing her to hire more women. She also seems to have finally earned respect from Thomas Byrnes, who'd previously been a rival of hers. One of her agency's recruits is hinted to be Byrnes' daughter.

The storyline of the serial kidnapper and murderer Libby Hatch ends on a dark note.

Libby had been driven to madness by a cruel mother and her father's suicide. After realizing her daughter was afraid of her, she has a mental and emotional breakdown. Ultimately allowing herself to be arrested. It's implied that she is executed for her crimes. It seems to not sit well with Sara, who felt sympathy for Libby and the trauma she had endured.

Still unclear if there will be another adaptation

Whether or not another "Alienist" adaptation will happen remains up in the air. According to HITC, the series' production team is confident about the future. Some outside factors, such as the outbreak of COVID-19, could prove a hindrance.

A third installment in the series of novels has already been released. Another is scheduled for a release in 2022, with a fifth installment sometime after that. But as Bustle notes, there could still be complications in trying to adapt them.

The third book takes place in a very different setting. A similar situation is expected with the other two. It seems unlikely that the tv team would want to move forward without their big-name cast. Adapting the books to follow different characters at different times could be more difficult. But probably not impossible.