COVID-19 has continued to wreak havoc in countries around the world. It continues to have an impact on people from various walks of life. This includes leaders of major world countries.

People anxiously await to see if, how, and when the novel Coronavirus is contained. But some people are already moving to adapt events into a dramatic form.

Mini-series based on Boris Johnson in development

A mini-series is being created for television based on U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and COVID-19. It's a joint project between three production companies.

Revolution Films, Fremantle, and Passenger. The companies released a joint statement about the project, according to NBC. They called recent events "the biggest national and personal crisis to face a government leader since World War II."

COVID-19 has struck during an active time in Boris Johnson's life and career. Both his personal and professional life had gone through some rapid-fire changes. Many have hotly debated how good or bad his navigating of the global pandemic has been. And then it was announced that he himself had contracted the novel coronavirus.

Johnson was the first elected leader of a country to be publicly confirmed to have COVID-19. Other political leaders around the world have joined Johnson in contracting COVID-19 since then.

Among them, the Prime Minister of Armenia and the president of Honduras. Johnson was apparently in serious peril at one point. He was admitted to an ICU, and it was not clear that he would survive.

He would pull through and be released from the hospital. Johnson would eventually go back to work, taking on his full duties once again.

His efforts on COVID-19 have continued to draw both praise and criticism.

Michael Winterbottom is slated to direct and co-write the mini-series. Richard Brown and Melissa Parmenter are set to serve as executive producers. Political journalist Tim Shipman is to be a consultant, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Johnson took office in 2019

Johnson became Prime Minister in 2019 following the tenure of Theresa May. His earlier days in office were focused on policies surrounding Brexit and the 2019 Parliamentary election.

His previous positions include that of the secretary of state of foreign and commonwealth affairs under Theresa May. Another was the mayor of London, which held for two terms.

Johnson's first tour in Parliament lasted from 2001 to 2008. He later re-joined the body in 2015. Before holding political office, he was a journalist for The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Spectator. He was reportedly Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's favorite journalist. However, Prime Minister John Major would become a frequent critic of his.