"Legends of Tomorrow" has come back crazier than ever with the introduction of Encores, which are various historical figures that were released from hell by Astra and are now causing chaos on the timeline. So far this season, Mona has left the Waverider by taking up the romance author mantel after Rory decides he's run out of ideas. Behrad is now a full member of the team, with none of them remembering it being any different, and Zari has a new personality after being famous since she was six-years-old. Ava is without the Time Bureau and now a full member of the Legends team.

Constantine has gone on to pursue his regular job as an expert in the dark arts with Gary in tow as his apprentice. The current season gears up for a major Constantine storyline from the comics, two cast exits, background for Charlie, and the directorial premiere of Caity Lotz. Long time castmate Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford are reported to be making their exit in episode 7.

Caity Lotz was scarcely seen last week as the actor was getting ready for her big debut, which she shares with Variety that she wanted to experience more thorough training about what it takes to bring a story to life from shot list to screen. Lotz describes the experience as boot camp and more about the rigors of TV, sharing that action is sort of her specialty, and "Mortal Khanbat" has lots of action-packed moments.

She goes on to give further details about her time directing and shares what the biggest challenge was from the episode while expressing that her wish is to hopefully go on to guest direct other "Arrowverse" shows.

Constantine's life hangs in the balance

Last week, the episode ended with Astra making her own play against John Constantine by speeding up his death to right now with Constantine dying from stage 4 lung cancer.

The CW shared a synopsis for the upcoming episode "Mortal Khanbat," which finds Ava still in charge of the Waverider as Sara is away helping friends. Using Ava's new invention, the team learns that their next Encore is Genghis Khan which takes them back to 1990s Hong Kong. Ray, Nora, and Gary (guest star Adam Tsekhman) rally together to help save Constantine's life, but he has his own plan in mind, which brings him to Astra to make a deal.

Elsewhere, Charlie's behavior confuses Behrad (Shayan Sobhian), which leads the team to discover why Charlie has been running from her past and from what she's been running from.

Tonight's episode also features a major Constantine storyline from the "Hellblazer" comics, which follows Constantine's struggle with lung cancer. EP Grainne Godfree teases to TVLine that they wanted to give Constantine this storyline, which Constantine will try to handle in the most Constantine way he can while Godfree teases that he'll be wrestling with morality and what the EP describes as all this rich deep character stuff. EP Phil Klemmer adds that this storyline is very important to Constantine portrayer Matt Ryan and describes the actor as a leading expert on all things Constantine.

Klemmer continues that they wanted to honor the story while also breaking new ground with Godfree adding that Constantine just wants to drink and be miserable while Ray and Gary aren't going to let him do that. TVLine shares a sneak peek for tonight's episode with a look at an intense interaction between Ray and Constantine, which shows Ray and Gary tagging along behind Constantine in his attempts to leave the ship. Ray refuses to let him go when Constantine reveals that he is sure that his sudden illness is the result of something mystical. The clip ends with Ray giving in to Constantine only if he can go with him. The clip also shows Gary innocently shocked that someone could hate Constantine that much and relieved when Ray decides to go with Constantine because the moment was intense.

Charlie's past and the Loom of Fate

The current season of "Legends of Tomorrow" is delving into Charlie's past more fully, which revolves around the Loom of Fate. Charlie revealed in last week's episode that she broke the loom into several pieces and spread them throughout the multiverse but when everything was reset this brought her past catching up to her. EP Phil Klemmer shares with TVLine that it becomes a bit of a race to bring all the pieces of their MacGuffin together. Maisie Richardson-Sellers teases that fans will see a new side to Charlie as she's forced to confront her demons, which gives her and Constantine an interesting relationship where they both find out crucial information about their pasts.

The actor continues that the two will push each other to come to terms with their pasts and to share that information with the team while also teasing consequences that will stem from that decision. Klemmer reveals that the Loom of Fate will cause different reactions from everyone on the Waverider and explains that everyone has had their little catastrophes which will provide complications as everybody will come up with their own little side agendas. Den of Geek reports that Richardson-Sellers explains that they wanted to get back to the emotional journeys of the characters while keeping the story fun and playful. The actor goes on to say that it makes sense for Constantine to be the one to drag Charlie out of her darker side as he's the only one that pushes her to reveal the truth.

The CW has also released the synopsis for next week's episode of "Legends of Tomorrow" with "Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac." The episode finds Ray taking Nora out on a date that goes awry thanks to an Encore, which forces the team to think up a lie to keep the Encore at bay while Ava discovers what Sara was really doing during her time away from the team and this leads to a confrontation. The episode also finds Constantine and Charlie making a deal to work together in a way that will benefit each of them while Zari helps Rory track down a critic that gave negative comments on his book, which will be a discovery that's more than Rory bargained for.