Al Roker joined his “3rd Hour of Today” co-hosts in celebrating the sacred and joyful day of December 25 much like the millions of viewers watching on Christmas Day. The veteran weatherman and anchor, along with Dylan Dreyer, Sheinelle Jones, and Craig Melvin exchanged personally-chosen presents for one another on the Christmas Day broadcast, undoubtedly packaged earlier to allow the “3rd Hour of Today” favorites to be with their loved ones at home like most other major morning personalities across TV land.

Still, this close-knit clan uses their connection and unique individual personalities to propel their morning segment along with a lighthearted, yet socially-conscious pace.

Beyond the topical conversation, they focus on celebrities using their platform for a positive purpose, women thriving as entrepreneurs, youth creating their own careers and niches of influence, and parenting.

The “3RD Hour of Today” hosts continued their festive fun with a Secret Santa challenge. Fans were let in on the fun as each host was tasked to choose a meaningful gift for the co-host's name he or she drew. with the caveat that the gift had to come from a New York City thrift store, and cost no more than $20.

Every lady and gentleman on the “3RD Hour of Today” took the holiday mission seriously, paying close attention to pick a delightful treat. For Al Roker, however, his gifting options truly came down to the nickels and dimes.

Perfect for the price

“Of all the thrift shops in all New York…” Dylan Dreyer and Craig Melvin had to think, paraphrasing the classic “Casablanca” line. The two ran into each other at the same thrift shop, and Dylan even gave Craig a tip as to where to find the perfect gift for his mentor, Al Roker. A pair of perfectly pristine “Star Wars” salt-and-pepper shakers and a lavender bowtie seemed tailor-made for the dapper weatherman who never loses his lust for the Lucasfilm saga.

Dylan Dreyer made her sweet gift of a gingerbread man cookie jar to Sheinelle Jones even sweeter by including her chocolate chip cookie recipe. She hoped that Sheinelle and her kids could bake cookies for their holiday table.

Sheinelle Jones really took the prize for making her Secret Santa gift to Craig Melvin personal. Her gift to her enterprising co-host who works across NBC and MSNBC was an authentic, peacock feather-plumed fountain pen with an inkwell jar.

Her personal words conveyed that the gift represented “the power of an idea” and complimented Melvin’s story ideas for the “3rd Hour of Today.”

The caring effort shook her co-host out of his somewhat sarcastic “Holiday fun!” exclamation before opening the bag into true appreciation. Al Roker playfully pretended to doze off to sleep during the rating of the personalized note. Craig gave Sheinelle a kiss on the cheek.

At last, the time came for Dylan Dreyer to open her gift from Mr. Roker. First came two very presentable holiday glasses. “Just a dollar each,” Roker insisted. Four bundled red Christmas tree dessert plates came next. “These are so pretty,” Dreyer described. “A dollar each,“ her forecasting friend again noted.

“Was there any heart to this, or did you just go for the number?” Dreyer inquired. “18 bucks,” Roker replied. “I kept it under 20 bucks.”

A tasty splurge

Al Roker might have baked his way to forgiveness for being on the miserly side of Secret Santa shopping. He brought in a glorious plate of home-baked cinnamon rolls, which just happen to be the favorite treat of Sheinelle Jones. The “3rd Hour of Today” production crew were ready with a slew of clips with Jones, elaborating on her lust for the bakery indulgence.

The occasion was perfect for Dylan Dreyer to use her new dessert plates, too, but she didn't untie the ribbon on the air. Hopefully, she got to take the rest of the goodies home. Kindness like that always makes up for penny-pinching.