"The Cave" story is about the rescue of members of the Wild Boars football team members from a flooded cave system. The film tries to reconstruct the rescue of a group of young football players and their coach. The boys were trapped in the underground complex when rainwater flooded the tunnels which led to a never-seen-before situation when help poured in from across the globe. Many film networks like Netflix and Universal wanted to convert the story into a movie. “The Cave”, directed by Thai-Irish director Tom Waller, has premiered in Bangkok.

Some rescuers acted in the film and enacted their real-life roles on celluloid. They walked the red carpet at the premiere.

The Guardian describes the background. It was in the summer of 2018 in northern Thailand. The football team had entered Tham Luang cave complex and floodwaters trapped them. They remained cut off from the outside world and survived the ordeal by virtue of sheer willpower. It received global media coverage and volunteers came forward with their suggestions. The rescue team was an example of international cooperation.

It has the potential to be a blockbuster

Rescue of the Wild Boars football team from the Tham Luang cave complex had the ingredients of a potential Hollywood blockbuster.

Netflix was quick to seize the opportunity and bagged the rights to convert it into a film or TV series. Universal also has plans to make a film based on the story. However, “The Cave” has beaten them to the punch. It is an independent film and released within 16 months after completion of the rescue. Four divers who were involved in the rescue played their original selves.

The Guardian goes on to add about the growing popularity of the Tham Luang cave complex entrance. It has become a major Travel destination with more than a million tourists already and shops have come up displaying attractive items.

An impossible mission made possible

According to the Bangkok Post, the story of ‘The Cave’ is about a near-impossible rescue mission that succeeded.

A multinational team of rescuers and divers went all out to rescue the young boys trapped in the flooded caves. The movie will provide a chance for the audience to relive the memories.

Tom Waller, the director, has based the story on information that are there in the media reports and social sites. It was the story of humanitarian needs and overcame all boundaries. That is evident from the international involvement of people from all walks of life. They contributed to the success of an apparently impossible mission. For the shoot, the cast and crew had to work in different caves in Thailand and on set. The Tham Luang has since become a tourist attraction.