Because of its interesting premise, “90 Day Fiancé,” of the TLC network, is insanely popular right now. In the seven seasons (and multiple spinoffs) that the show has aired, so far, fans have been given the chance to peek at different lives and cultures. So far, the reality series has not failed to deliver what it has promised to do: show viewers multiple people with distinct experiences.

A same-sex couple in '90 Day Fiancé' soon?

"90 Day Fiance" certainly boasts among the most diverse casts of any reality show on television right now. But, since the show started on TLC, in 2014, same-sex couples have not been represented on “90 Day Fiancé."

It seems that will soon change as the network’s senior vice president of production and development, Alon Orstein, recently suggested support for the idea.

He explained that the network has been open about it for some time. They just wanted to make sure that they pick the right couple. In fact, the show almost cast a same-sex couple a few times.

Orstein also explained the importance of being transparent when it comes to casting a couple. Since the couple will be on camera a lot, it is essential that they be willing to share their thoughts and feelings. According to ENews, one of the reasons is that couples simply elect not to do the show.

"That could happen, or you could have an issue with timing or things like that. But it is something that we have been very keen to find and are continuing to actively pursue." Orstein told ENews.

He also emphasized the value of authenticity as individuals and as a couple in the production crew’s considerations.

When a couple is unafraid to “get beneath the surface,” they have a higher likelihood of getting hired for the cast.

He also noted that big personalities are a huge plus. He mentioned stars like Juliana from “90 Day Fiancé” Season 7 and Jenny from “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” as examples of compelling personalities that the show is drawn to.

Orstein mentioned that he was proud that the show has a diverse pool of people to choose from. Diversity is an important thing for the company and the “90 Day Fiancé” crew always makes sure that they get people with different backgrounds.

Anna and Mursel still together?

Meanwhile, Anna and Mursel are proving to be one of the most interesting couples of the show’s seventh season.

Mursel, who is from Turkey, has been having trouble adjusting to his life in America. Since he realized that Anna already has children, Mursel has been insistent about his family back home not being informed of it. He comes from a conservative family and he feels that they will disapprove of his relationship with her. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Days Fiance."