New York City is getting closer to honoring the life and contributions of marvel legend Stan Lee. While Lee worked for multiple companies, his work at Marvel Comics is what really shaped his legacy. He is responsible for the creation of many popular candidates including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, and the X-Men, along with many others. While Lee is best known for his Western comics, he worked within the Japanese animation and manga.

Stan was also a contributor to a number of live-action TV productions. As Lee's popularity increased, he began to make cameos in the live-action Marvel film blockbusters, starting with "X-Men" in the early 200's.

He was supposed to have a cameo in 'Blade' in 1998, but they decided to cut that scene from the final version.

One of his most memorable cameos is his appearance as a FedEx delivery man calling for "Tony Stank." Sadly Lee passed away in November 2018, with his final MCU appearance arrived in "Avengers: Endgame," in which he played a Vietnam War-era hippie.

New York City considering naming a street in honor of Stan Lee

In honor of Stan Lee's life and contributions, New York City is working to rename a street in his honor. The New York Post has reported that the city council has approved a proposal to name a street in the Bronx as Stan Lee Way. It's now up to the mayor to approve or deny this proposal.

Lee lived and worked in New York City until he decided to move to the West Coast in the 1980s. He ended up using New York City as the backdrop for several of his Marvel superheroes including Spider-Man. While it seems like there are not enough ways to show our love for Stan Lee and his work, it's worth noting that the mainstream media only began to truly recognize Lee's cultural influence, as his creations began to hit the big screen at a lightning-fast rate.

Stan Lee Way is a fitting way to pay homage to one of New York's greatest literary legends.

Stan Lee revived the comic book industry

Stan Lee found his way at the top of Marvel Comics, leading him to become its head publisher. Lee is seen as one of the architects of the comic book industry. Lee revolutionized the industry by giving readers what they wanted including sophisticated storylines, satire and science fiction.

Many tuned in to the mix of realistic fantasy and many of his characters, including Spider-Man and the X-Men which went on to become massive blockbuster franchises. Lee won the National Medal of Arts in 2008, along with other recognitions and awards. Stan Lee will forever be remembered for his work in an industry that has helped young people become better readers and get interested in reading. Fans of Lee's in New York now wait and see whether they will be able to walk and drive on Stan Lee Way.