America's Got Talent” always brings forth the most eclectic group of talent from around the globe throughout its star-making seasons. Week 2 of Season 14’s auditions opened with Jonathan Burns unzipping himself from a suitcase and stunning the audience and the panel with his completely wacky physical humor. He opened by squirming his whole body through an average toilet seat. He then tried his luck with a sports racket, offering a joyful kick. He closed with a Gypsy Rose Lee-style striptease, throwing his undies to a very happy fan.

Gabrielle Union said, “I'm not sure what I just saw, but I want to see more.” Howie Mandel added that Jonathan's smile alone made him memorable.

Julianne Hough remarked that it was as if “Napoleon Dynamite went bendy” watching Burns.

The good-natured ha-has were good enough for Jonathan to move forward. Several more acts moved and inspired through the night. Some scared even the seasoned Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell out of every inch of their comfort zone, all in about two hours.

Sensational surprises

Benicio Bryant is just 14, and the petite singer was visibly shaking backstage after seeing a slew of

X's. It wasn't long before her vocal memory kicked in, however, and her version of Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke” seemed to become completely her own. The performance was more than getting all the vocal marks. Bryant's emotional was so raw and encompassing that no one could escape it.

Everyone listening rose to his or her feet, as the judges gave standing ovations. Simon Cowell saw the same kind of talent in the singer as he did with Harry Styles. Julianne Hough credited that Benicio is “the entire package,” and she will be around to prove it for several more weeks.

Gabrielle Union certainly appreciated the high kicking skill and spirit of the Emerald Belles, but Howie Mandel seems to always see a drill team in a dance group.

He wanted the Rockettes. Nonetheless, three affirmative votes mean that they are safe for now. The Messoudi Brothers certainly met with approval from both Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough. The siblings struck many never seen poses in their acrobatic routine and have the females watching craving more shirtless seconds.

Two kids groups, GFORCE and Light Balance Kids had everyone cheering for youthful vigor and feminine empowerment.

They are both safe for now.

America's Got Talent” can make dreams come true, and comedian, Ryan Niemiller, has never forsaken his dream. The funnyman has been a working comedian for years and is very familiar with the hard times. He has slept in his car and struggled with just having the sustenance for life at times. He was born with defects in his arms and hands. The challenge only drove him to become funnier more quickly, so he could head off the predictable questions with his own quick retort.

Niemiller described how one club owner had said: “We don't need you here,” without any test before an audience. The standing ovation at the close of Ryan’s AGT routine was no novelty, and Simon Cowell commented that the closed-minded club owner was “the one with the disability.” Here's hoping that Ryan Niemiller opens many more minds and hearts through his “America's Got Talent” run.

Adaline Bates is a senior who definitely has something different to offer. She sang Nat King Cole’s classic, “unforgettable,” as both a man and a woman. Only “America's Got Talent” offers this level of diversity.

Diversity was turned to danger for two acts before a very big step on the golden buzzer gave A young man the “footprint” he craved.

Sharp and scary

At first glance, the act designed by the Singh brothers from India doesn't seem dangerous. An outline of a body is made using melons and coconuts. The smaller of the two performers lays down within the outline. When the 7-foot-six brother emerges, he has donned a full-face blindfold and holds a sword to rival a Samurai.

Each piece of produce in the outline is sliced and demolished by his blade, which falls only an inch, if that, from the other Singh.

The terror is as palpable as the screams are audible. Even the judges are asking that the performance stop. The scare wasn't enough to scathe either Singh, and the judges seem to love being scared out of their skin because they gave all yeses so they could be terrorized again.

Nicholas Wallace conjures a completely different kind of fear. The sorcerer directs attention to a rocking chair on stage. He tells the story of how several guests die in that chair when it was in an old hotel, not demolished. A doll was also found in a different area of the hotel. Wallace invites Gabrielle Union to take a seat in the rocker and blindfolds her.

He performs several motions and touches on the doll, and asks the judge to raise her hand as she feels things.

She responds to every action on the doll.

Howie Mandel demands that the rocker be removed from the stage. Still, he and his cohorts believe that Nicholas Wallace needs to do more frightening stunts in weeks to come.

Joseph Allen would never want to leave a scary taste in someone's mouth. Instead, the singer-songwriter wants to leave a footprint of positivity within his music. Cheers are rising before he sings a single lyric. His songs were first introduced to the world when he posted a birthday song for his mother. That song got a multitude of shares and got his talents noticed.

Joseph Allen gave “America's Got Talent” a deluge of positivity with his original song. He resonated the theme of “chasing my dreams,” and two dreams came true.

He came to the AGT stage, and Howie Mandel simply had to stand on top of the famous judges’ desk to deliver his gift. “Here's your footprint,” Mandel said, stepping on the golden buzzer.

True to his word, Terry Crews came out to lift Allen up in the shower of confetti, as week two came to a life-affirming close.