South Korea's top star couple Song Joong Ki - Song Hye Kyo has recently been rumored to be separating. Uploading of photos and videos of Song Hye Kyo seemed to signal their marriage is in trouble. Some time ago Chinese media reported that Kyo and Song Joong Ki's household were on the verge of divorce. However, the management company of Hye Kyo (UAA) and Joong Ki (Blossom Entertainment) all said the rumors were wrong.

Uploading photos and videos by Kyo on Instagram seems to signal their marriage is in trouble. The actress recently uploaded photos of her cat, but then she deleted them.

She then replaced it with a video upload of the new cat. The silent video implies Song Hye Kyo's lonely life. She was in a room with a background of a painting of a woman and a chair. The deleted picture has made the fans curious about the couple's marriage.

Divorce rumors

The rumors of this split have intensified since Hye Kyo was caught not wearing her wedding ring. Also, information about the breakup of the stars spread further on Weibo when Kyo deleted many photos on Instagram. In fact, both Kyo and her husband, Song Joong Ki, were seen standing apart and not greeting each other even though both of them attended a wedding in February 2019. Latest, Ki attended his friend's wedding party without his wife.

Kyo also removed many photos of her husband. She just left four photos with her husband, one of them was their wedding photo.

Song Hye Kyo is, indisputably, one of the most popular actresses of her generations. The Korean star is touted as the most beautiful woman in Asia. In fact, the better half of Ki has been involved in a myriad of successful tv series and movies that became a success.

Now, avid followers of the South Korean celebrity are wondering precisely what is next for the former "Descendants of the Sun" star. According to Business Times China, recently, the Korean actress signed a contract with director Wang Jiawei's film company, starting a plan to attack the Chinese market.

Not only the actress but, after signing the contract, director Wang Jiawei online will join the actress to produce "Spiritual Children" in the future.

Before that, in 2013, Song Hye Kyo had been cast in the lead role in director Vuong Gia Ve's film. She also said she would expand her promotional activities in China under Jet Tone Films.

Ki's new movie

Meanwhile, on April 17, tvN introduced some posters of Song Joong Ki in "Asadal Chronicles." He plays Eun Seom - the guy who is supposed to bring an omen to the villagers. Thanks to her mother's protection, Eun Seom survived, raised by the Wahan tribe. Growing up, Eun Seom conquered Arthdal, making it a powerful empire.

Eun Seom must confront Ta Gon (Jang Dong Gun plays) - who aspires to become the first king of Arthdal. The film also centers on the love story between Eun Seom and Tan Ya (played by Kim Ji Won) - the girl of the Wahan tribe.

In the forums, the audience commented impressively about Song Joong Ki's wild looks, loving his acting. The film crew took eight months to build an ancient setting. The film is scheduled to premiere in early June.