"The Gifted" just concluded its second season, with a serious cliffhanger, but it appears that the end is near for the popular Marvel spinoff show. This season received disappointing ratings, leaving fans worried about a cancellation. Recent reports hint that "The Gifted" is the first show to be cut because of the Disney and Fox deal.

Disney has been wrapping up a massive deal, swallowing up one of their biggest rivals, resulting in Marvel taking back the rights to the X-Men. While it has not been confirmed, it's believed that Marvel president Kevin Feige will pull the plug on "The Gifted" and reboot it within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

'The Gifted' carries on the X-Men storylines

"The Gifted" is a show that was built within the continuity of the X-Men franchise. Comic Book reported that the show is not expected to survive past Season 3 and that it could just end with Season 2. This expected cancellation comes a month after "Legion" was confirmed to be ending.

"The Gifted" Season 2 finale brought back Blink (Jamie Chung), calling on her Mutant Underground friends for help. It appeared that the show was hinting at time travel or a possible parallel universe plot-line for the third season, but now it's unclear if anything will come of that. The Marvel TV landscape continues to shift, as Netflix pulled the plug on its superhero-based shows and Disney+ is planning on a series of original superhero shows courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Marvel based shows planned for Disney+

We Got This Covered previously announced that Marvel was considering making several X-Men shows for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, including a potential Wolverine series. Showrunner Matt Nix spoke to Slash Film, saying he does not expect a 22-episode Season 3 to broadcast. Den of Geeks reported that Nix suggested that if the show were to come back, it might be as a type of partnership.

While there is a massive fan base, Nix said that it's a little small for broadcast networks, but would do well on streaming platforms, suggesting it could be revived on the Disney+ platform. Nix is hoping that the company finds a way to bring the show back. If there is a Season 3, Nix said it would be formed by the events of "Days of Future Past." EVP of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb, has said he's not sure how the coming merger will affect Marvel television. Loeb has said that he's waiting for the corporations to figure out how they will merge.