While North American marvel fans are still waiting for "Avengers: Endgame" tickets to go on sale, fans in India are already booking their seats for the year's most anticipated blockbuster. It appears they have already been too eager to take advantage of the opportunity. India's multiplex chain SPI Cinemas just announced that tickets are now available for purchase. Some theaters in South India have begun reporting that they are selling out. SPI confirmed you can book your tickets through their website and mobile app.

Given the excitement and hype behind "Endgame," this recent news is not surprising.

Early reports are suggesting that the film is headed for a weekend opening haul of $282 million, which would beat the record set by "Infinity War" for top North American opening of all time. The latest trailer recorded 268 million views in its first day of release. It's not a surprise to see box office numbers to be high as well.

Marvel gearing up to sell 'Endgame' tickets in North America

More theaters should be selling tickets over the next two weeks. Marvel's most recent film "Captain Marvel" recently took the third spot in Fandango's ticket pre-sales record books, sitting behind only "Avengers: Infinity War," and "Black Panther."

Studio officials confirmed that North American fans will be able to buy their "Endgame" tickets on Tuesday, April 2.

Building off "Infinity War"s devastating cliffhanger ending, fans are waiting to see how the remaining heroes come together and defeat Thanos. Marvel has managed to keep major details secret and only revealing minimal amounts of footage. Screen Rant reports that due to the 3-hour runtime, the first showtime will be at 6 pm.

History shows franchise final installments tend to do very well

Most sequels to record-breaking films, tend to have a hard time matching or outperforming its predecessor, but "Endgame" might be the exception. "Endgame" sets itself apart by being the final chapter in a 22-movie arc, drawing in moviegoers who won't want to miss out on all the twists and turns.

Final installments of franchises, often do well. However, "Endgame" is not the final MCU movie overall, it is an expected sendoff for several beloved characters, we've seen grow over the past decade.

Marvel's 2019 is off to a strong start with "Captain Marvel," exceeding expectations and getting closer to crossing $1 billion globally. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to have another strong year. Time will tell how strong "Endgame" will perform, but it will still cement the MCU as a strong force in the industry.