As the JBA international tour is over, Gelo needs to decide where he's going to play next as he tries to somehow get to the NBA. LaVar goes out to Ohio to look for a house which turns out to be right next to where Melo is staying which doesn't make him too happy.

Future decisions

Gelo is in Texas to visit his girlfriend Jaden and, while he's there, he goes out for wings with Curtis, also on the JBA USA team. While eating, Gelo says that his next step will either be G-League or off to England to play for the London Lions. According to the head coach of London Lions, Gelo has become a big star in London which gave Gelo a tough decision to make.

He ultimately declined the offer and decided to pursue the G-League.

BBB warehouse

LaVar, Alan, and Tina paid a visit to the Big Baller Brand warehouse where all the merchandise is stored. According to LaVar, Big Baller Brand has 15-20 staff that work at the warehouse.

When they meet up with one of the staff to see how things are going, the staff say that new designs are needed, and a big emphasis needs to be put on Lady Baller Brand as that has been in high demand. Tina also says that she wants her own signature shoe.

New girl

For the first time, Gelo's new girlfriend, Jaden, appeared on Ball in the Family. Jaden is in 12th grade and is committed to UCLA, next year, for basketball. Gelo said that Jaden is funny and that they have a lot in common.

Spending time together, Gelo and Jaden went bowling and Gelo won.

LaVar says that Jaden is the right fit for Gelo as she will push him to be a better person and that she also plays basketball which would help Gelo become better at basketball. LaVar said that he wants to meet her and that she seems much better than Gelo's ex-girlfriend Izzy.

Settling down in Ohio

As Melo is playing at SPIRE academy in Geneva, Ohio, LaVar wants to find a house for him and Tina to stay in, saying that he would rather stay in a house than a hotel as there would be more space and it would be a better fit for Tina.

The house that LaVar went to check out turned out to be very close to where Melo is currently living which made Melo look less than ecstatic that his dad would be living right next to him.

Two hours before SPIRE was about to play, the lineup was packed to get in as people were even lining up outside the venue. At the game, people were chanting "Overrated" at Melo which didn't seem to bother him. SPIRE ended up winning the game 113-67.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode 12, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, Tina celebrates her birthday, Zoey, Denise and Lonzo do a Christmas photo shoot which brings up talk of their relationship status. At Melo's game, security is needed due to the large crowd and Tina's leg almost got broken by other people trying to sit next to her according to LaVar.