"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" arrives in December to the vast majority of Japanese cinemas and with a new take from Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation. One of the most memorable characters of the entire franchise will have a special role as the main antagonist of the plot, the Saiyan Legendary Broly. Now, a new mystery is presented for the minds of the fans who know about their future in the franchise.

The battle of Broly

In recent months snippets have been revealing little by little, through official trailers and fan speculation, what will happen during the new film that presents the epic battle between Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza against Broly.

Some fans even suggest that the full movie was discussed at a special function that took place in Japan. Now the fans are intrigued. What will happen to Broly after the movie? In this article, I will try to answer this question about some important data that Toei Animation has and the precedents of Akira Toriyama with its previous antagonist characters.

According to some leaks at the special function of Japan, Saiyan Legendary Broly will perish, Hot New Hip Hop reported back in October. It is not yet known whether this is due to the fervor of the battle or for some other reason related to Frieza or his army. But this is not the end of such an endearing character. It turns out that Goku would have recognized that Broly was not evil and didn't extend a dark aura like Kamba, the evil Saiyan that appeared in "Super Dragon Ball Heroes." He only has an uncontrollable anger that unleashes all his power and that makes him a threat to all those around him.

Given this, it has been said that Goku will use the Dragon Balls to revive Broly, but he will also use it to send him to a distant planet so that he can live in peace and thus not hurt anyone without wanting to.

What will happen to Broly after the movie?

If we consider the antecedents of Akira Toriyama and all the antagonistic characters that have gone through the series, the most iconic have stayed on Goku's side to be part of the main plot.

Among them, we can mention Vegeta, Majin Boo, the Androids and lately Frieza was also part of the team in the last minutes of "Dragon Ball Super."

It is expected that Broly also becomes part of Goku's team or becomes one of the characters they will go to when things get extreme. The problem will come later with the future arcs since Broly would present a new power limit along with Gogeta Super Saiyajin Blue.

Could it be that later we can see a more mature and more powerful Broly? Will Goku overcome him at some point in order to face more powerful enemies? Will the Ultra Instinct remain in the past? There are many unknowns that will be answered with the film and many others that will be answered by the future Saga of the "Galactic Patrol," the new "Dragon Ball Super" series.