The Russo brothers appear to be wrapping up their time as Marvel directors with the release of "Avengers 4." The pair has become the most popular directors involved in the MCU, thanks to their work. Following their massive hit "Avengers: Infinity War" they're ready to hang it up unless they get to direct "Secret Wars."

Screen Rant reports that the pair got their start at Marvel Studios with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." The film became a major blockbuster and turned the duo into stars. Marvel brought them back for "Captain America: Civil War," which allowed them to helm an Avengers film.

The Russos are still in the post-production phase of "Avengers 4." While no trailer or title has been released, fans are not ready to say goodbye to the Russos.

Russo brothers dreaming of helming a Secret Wars film

The Russo brothers recently took part in a special Q&A following a screening of "Avengers: Infinity War." The popular directors were asked if they were serious about leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An audience member asked them if they would return to the MCU. Joe Russo said they would, only if Disney and Marvel were ready to make "Secret Wars." The duo has previously shared their interest in developing a "Secret Wars" film in the MCU. During the interview, Joe Russo also shot down rumors that Chris Evans was finished with being Captain America.

They originally mentioned their interest in helming a "Secret Wars" film as Disney was beginning to work at acquiring Fox. The purchase would allow Marvel Studios access to dozens of characters including the X-Men and Fantastic Four. The "Secret Wars" was a story that originally debuted in 1984. Marvel ended up rebooting in in 2015, as a way to destroy the multiverse.

Russo brothers are moving forward with their own studio projects

Huffington Post reports that while the Russos are hoping to work on "Secret Wars," Disney has no plans of moving forward with a "Secret Wars" project. However, the Russos have said they are open to returning and would love to be able to play with the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters.

As the Russos are beginning to wrap up their work with "Avengers 4," they are beginning to look for new projects to work on. They lined up their first film, called "Cherry." The film is based on a book that follows an Army medic who returns to America addicted to opioid pills and begins to rob banks. However, there are exciting possibilities that await them outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If they exit with "Avengers 4," it would definitely be their best work as part of Marvel Studios.