After welcoming baby Felicity Nicole into the world on July 19, Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo ventured to the Windy City with their little girl, who recently celebrated her second month of life. Of course, social media followers were quick to pick over the baby’s attire. Some were none too happy that Jinger dressed Felicity in a head wrap, according to a report by Hollywood Life on October 1.

Jinger accused of cultural appropriation over baby’s head wrap

After Jinger, 24, shared the photo of her adorable little girl being held by dad Jeremy, 31, some followers wasted no time in accusing the young mom of cultural appropriation.

One Instagram follower remarked that “it’s not cool.” The followers who took exception with baby Felicity wearing a purple head wrap are okay with Khloe Kardashian’s little girl, True Thompson, wearing one because Khloe’s “baby is African American and entitled to wear one.”

Baby Felicity’s head wrap was in an earlier photo

Quite possibly, Jinger’s Instagram followers missed when Felicity also wearing the trendy, purple head wrap in a photo that was shared with fans on Instagram in September in recognition of Felicity two-month anniversary. Other followers discussed headwear preferences, with an Instagram user noting that she believes that a French beret is “more appropriate” on a baby, according to the Hollywood Gossip.

Jinger and Jeremy each shared photos of their weekend in Chicago, Illinois, clearing depicting that their daughter was not suffering. She actually appeared to enjoy her first plane ride. As Romper pointed it out, it was Felicity’s first family trip, which began on September 28.

Jinger has been frequently been complimented for her great fashion sense and style.

When her in-laws recently visited Jinger and Jeremy in Laredo, Texas, social media followers loved her dress paired with wedge sandals.

Jinger shares her photography on Instagram

In addition to photos of Felicity on her first plane ride, Jinger shared pictures she snapped inside the O’Hare Airport. Her photography is still as good as fans recall from the days when she was the photographer for her family on their momentous occasions.

Romper stated that fans “can’t wait” for Jinger to “pursue her passion.”

Fans disapprove of taking baby to watch Cubs play

Based on the pictures that Jinger and Jeremy posted on their social media, it seemed that the family had a great time. The cutest aspect, of course, was Felicity in her baseball jersey. Jinger and Jeremy also looked to be enjoying themselves, photographed in Cubs jerseys.

Due to the loud sounds and, sometimes rambunctious baseball fans, some Instagram followers were also disapproving that the young parents took their baby to a game at Wrigley Field. One Instagram user stated that taking Felicity to a game was, ”Irresponsible.” But what do you know? Felicity survived and appears fine.

If Jinger and Jeremy were to adhere to every view and speculation that fans and social media followers evidently feel compelled to tender, the parents would have Felicity in bubble wrap and never leaving the house. They do have lives. What fun would it be for a child to be kept housebound for fear of what might or could happen.

In addition to the family time the couple shared with their daughter, they were in Chicago for an important reason. Jeremy officiated the wedding ceremony for “one of his best friends,” Romper reported.

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