The Best TV Series on Netflix, according to Premiere Magazine

Because sometimes it is difficult to choose among the hundred of tv shows available on the streaming platform.


The Crown:

It is the most expensive TV series ever produced by Netflix. It helps the viewer understand how the British Monarchy works and recreates many important events of the queen's life and her relationship with every member of the British royal family.


House of Cards

In this political thriller the viewer can have a glimpse of how the American political life is like. This TV series created by the American producer Beau Willimon was the very first original of the platform. It is a political drama that has been nomi



This American crime drama created by Joe Penhall is based on a book of the same name. Set in 1977, this TV series explores the origins of criminal profiling in the FBI, with interviews of serial killers, that help to solve criminal cases. The season



Narcos is a story of Agent Pena, member of the Federal Bureau of the Investigation, trying to catch up the famous Pablo Escobar. Based on documentary extracts and fiction this show is one of the best so far available on Netflix.


Stranger things:

Is an American TV show mix of fiction and horror based in the nineteens. Few friends from the same neighborhood and members of the same Physics group lost one of them. They start an investigation to find him even through the upside down world…

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