The Emmy Awards is an event that brings together big names in showbiz and the executives and NBC extended an invitation to Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry to attend the show as special guests. They planned for her to meet her showbiz friends and even be presented an honor. However, Meghan the former “Suits” star is believed to have "politely turned down" the invitation.

Daily Mail UK reports that the organizers had hoped Meghan would not say "no." If she had accepted, it would have been a fitting farewell tribute from all those who had been associated with her in the TV drama “Suits.

” That is now a distant dream.

Actress Meghan Markle has taken up a new role

The “Suits” actress. Meghan Markle. had portrayed the role of Rachel Zane in the popular TV drama. Her name was considered for an Emmy Award in the final season but the nomination did not happen. In the final episode, she was shown getting married to her co-actor and on-screen love interest Patrick J. Adams. She had starred in seven seasons of the drama, and the last episode was aired in the month of March. By that time she was in a different world with her real-life love interest Prince Harry.

The TV show “Suits” was being shot in Toronto where she met Harry in 2016, and she moved to London. Subsequently, she decided to bid adieu to her acting career and got engaged to Harry in November. The marriage followed and today she is a member of the British Royal family. It was a totally new role for her and she adapted to the new lifestyle with ease.

It seems she has not looked back.

Meghan will be busy with Royal duties

According to Fox News, Meghan Markle indicated that she would not be acting in the eighth season of “Suits." It was a decision that matched with that of late Hollywood icon, Grace Kelly. She had a successful acting career but sacrificed it after marriage.

She married Prince Rainier in 1956 and became Princess of Monaco.

Meghan on her part has successfully merged into the Royal family, has impressed the family members and has changed her outlook. She has won over the hearts of people she met during her visits to different parts of Britain with Prince Harry. The people often thronged the roads to greet her. She recently celebrated her 37th birthday in the English countryside with her husband at the wedding of one of his close friends. She has come a long way from being an American actor to being a part of the British royal family.