"Miles 22" starring Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan, and Ronda Rousey was released on August 17, 2018, in the United States.

It will be the fourth partnership between Wahlberg and Director Peter Berg. All the three earlier association has been immensely successful, and this includes “Lone Survivor,” “Deepwater Horizon,” and “Patriots Day.”

“Mile 22” is a slick story of a tactical crack unit “Overwatch” who have been tasked to spirit away an asset with loads of damaging information from a US embassy to waiting for military transport.

However, even the best-grafted plans can go awry and what happens next is what the flick is all about.

The action is fast paced, especially in the first scene when the main protagonist bursts into a quiet wood side uptown home that’s a Russian safe house.

Watch the trailer:

The flick has all the usual elements in a Wahlberg film. Frenzied pile-ups, blasting walls, fuzzy surveillance images, computers which make you feel that you are watched round the clock, and there is no place in this planet which is not being watched.

Berg and Wahlberg shine in a spy story

Berg and Wahlberg is a synergistic pair and together deliver an unremittingly fast-paced, addictively slick paramilitary spy story and is immensely satisfying for the diehard Wahlberg fans who are used to gonzo brutality and turbocharged machismo.

It also has in colossal overdose weaponry from rocket launchers and chunky black machine guns. No shortage of hands to hands combats with a brief interlude of Muwai Thai and martial arts.

Berg tries hard to impress

Berg has been honing his skills and refining his mode of operandi, and there is nothing left to be proved or revealed. With four films in five years and his fans had endured all his flicks, it seems that the director has finally exhausted all his tricks in the hat. However, one cannot but admire the supercharged effectiveness of his direction.

One jarring anomaly which is visible in the flick is Wahlberg’s monologues. In the past action, heroes were, and snarls, fisticuffs, and derring-do did the talking.

However, Wahlberg’s monologues are so loud and jarring making many wonders how he transformed from curiously sensitive masculinity into his present avatar. Director Peter Berg says that his movie Mile 22 was shot in just 42 days.

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