Recently, the makers of television shows have been on a reboot kick. Dramas and comedies alike, what was old has become new again. Some have done well, others not as much. The most famous reboot of recent times is almost undoubtedly "Roseanne." The updated series started with big ratings, before swiftly being cancelled amid a cloud of controversy.

Networks and production companies don't seem to have been scared off by this. Instead, they have been pushing forward with their various reboots of different series. The recent announcement at the San Diego Comic Con, 2018, of a new version of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has drawn its own controversy.

Perhaps not to the extent of "Roseanne," but it has still become a topic of polarization.

The 'Buffy' remake is planned to feature a diverse cast

Originally a 1992 movie, it was later remade for television and debuted on The WB in 1997. The series had its challenges, including being cancelled by The WB before being acquired by UPN. It has also been widely considered one of the great television series of all-time with devoted fans. Since going off the air, it has continued on in comic book form.

These devoted fans have been largely split about the prospect of the new series. Much of the turmoil centers around the unlikelihood of the return of the original cast members. CNN reports that the new series is to feature an African-American actress in the lead role.

This automatically seems to rule out Sarah Michelle Gellar coming back. Other cast members previously indicated they would likely be part of a relaunch. These include fan-favorites James Marsters, David Boreanaz and Alyson Hannigan. However, much of the behind-the-scenes talent is apparently set to return.

Other reboots are also causing a stir among the fanbases

Other upcoming reboots that haven't been welcomed by all include "Roswell, New Mexico." The original series, "Roswell," was also part of the deal that saw it move with "Buffy" to UPN. Fans are reluctant to embrace the new cast and the political themes of the new series.

The "Charmed" update has been plagued by controversy. As Yahoo reports, these include the open disapproval of original series star Holly Marie Combs. Netflix's update of "Lost in Space" took hits for race and gender-swapping major characters.

But perhaps the TV remake facing the biggest scandal is the new "Magnum P.I.." The reason: a mustache-less Magnum.