David Toborowsky from '90 Day Fiance' may already have older children of his own, but that doesn't mean that his new wife Annie isn't interested in having more children. She wants children of her own and has made that very clear to David. She was recently seen on an episode speaking out again about how she wants a baby. Now, it turns out that David is going to give it to her.

David makes a big plan

There was one big issue with David and Annie having children. He actually had a vasectomy, so he has to do a reversal on this to even have the option of getting Annie pregnant.

A source is sharing the details and saying, "As soon as David can pay for the vasectomy reversal, he’s going to welcome a baby with Annie. The reversal is $6,800. They want to have two children."

This is kind of crazy, though. The last that fans knew, David didn't even have a job at all. They were living in their friends' rental place, which was above an old firehouse. David didn't have an income, which makes you wonder how he could afford to pay for the reversal or how they will ever afford two children. There is a lot of talk about how things on the show are a bit fake and maybe this is one of them. Maybe David actually can afford to have kids with his wife Annie somehow. Last we knew David still needed to pay back Annie's parents for the dowry.

The insider said that David has an idea of how to do this, though. He is looking into taking a job overseas that will pay more than what he is making now with no job at all, plus these kinds of jobs usually pay well. It doesn't sound like he has accepted one just yet.

Is a baby on the way?

It doesn't sound like a baby is on the way for this couple just yet.

The source makes it seem that David hasn't even had his reversal yet. He has to get that money together. Now, he is being pushed to do it for his wife.

Also, at this time Annie and David aren't saying a word about what is going on with them. The fans want to know about their plans, but they aren't talking. It may end up airing on the new season of "90 Day Fiance" or it could end up being on a future season of the show.

Everyone is just going to have to wait and see what happens. Annie has made it pretty clear that having a baby is a huge focus for her and needs to happen.

For now, fans will have to wait and see if Annie and David end up getting a baby. This is what she wants so you know he is going to try in every way that she can. Don't miss new episodes of '90 Day Fiance' when they air on Sundays on TLC.