The action-packed movie “Rampage” has come as a big boost to the career to the 46-yes-old Dwayne Johnson. He is overjoyed and has thanked his fans in China who have loved the movie and made it his highest-grossing film ever in the country.

According to Sky News, “Rampage” has also earned the honor of becoming the second highest grossing Warner Brothers film of all time in China. The country is the most populous in the world, and the movie is about giant monsters who are trying to destroy Chicago. It made it big at the box office with $154m in China against $97m in the United States.

Dwayne is elated at the success of ‘Rampage’

When a movie succeeds at the box office, everyone is elated and “Rampage” is no exception. It has become a Top 20 all-time grossing international film. Dwayne Johnson, the hero of the movie, has said that the film directed by Brad Peyton had overtaken earlier hits of Warner Brothers like Harry Potter and Batman. He has expressed his thanks to the people of China for the success of the movie.

The story of “Rampage” is about saving the world from monsters. Johnson is a primatologist, and Naomie Harris is a geneticist. The two of them have to join forces against the trio of outsize creatures in order to save the city of Chicago. The creatures are a gorilla named George, a werewolf named Ralph and a dinosaur Lizzie.

The movie is based on a computer game of the same name, and both the movie and the game have been inspired by “King Kong,” “Godzilla” and “An American Werewolf In London.”

Warner Brothers ‘Rampage’ is on a roll

According to Variety, the movie “Rampage” starring Dwayne Johnson has managed to bag the top spot at the international box office.

The Warner Brothers film, into its second week, has gone beyond the $200 million mark internationally. It has earned $106 million in China alone. Korea was another top market apart from Mexico and the UK. The next key markets to open will be France, Germany, and Japan.

Action packed Movies like “Rampage” always have a ready audience, especially when there are monsters around.

In this movie, there are three of them, and the viewers will remain glued to their seats waiting for things to happen. The creative teams have a field day working behind the scenes to give shape to monstrous creatures and coordinate their movements. Movies of this genre provide ample scope for the animation experts to display their skills and the final product keeps the box office happy.