Another interesting character will be added to the roster of heroes and villains in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.” The Dragon Ball fandom is going to see a character in the game this year that was not previously predicted. The character’s addition to the game is going to send ripples through the entire fandom because he comes from the popular anime series “Dragon Ball GT.” Fans can expect to see more when the character arrives as part of the downloadable content.

Latest character

According to the latest issue of the Japanese publication V-Jump, The Super Baby 2 character from “Dragon Ball GT” is coming to “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.” Fans can start playing with this character when it arrives as part of the DLC coming this summer of 2018.

It may be recalled that a few months ago, Bandai Namco Entertainment added a new content called, “Extra Pack 2: Infinite History.”

Who is Super Baby 2?

Super Baby 2 is at once determined to annihilate the Saiyans and reviving the Tuffle race. He is a cunning fighter and has dominated the Z fighters. He eventually succeeded in reviving the Tuffle’s planet. He is extremely immature and childish and can fly into a rage when teased.

He once transformed into a Great Ape and consciously murdered his own followers who blindly worshipped him as their king. Super Baby has a Ki Blast that he can fire in the form of countless razor shards. These inflict multiple wounds allowing him to enter the body.

Among his techniques are Body Manipulation, Liquefaction, Regeneration, Possession, Power Absorption, and Tuffleization.

He also has Revenge Blast, Eye Flash, and Fistful of pain that he can draw on in a fight. The great Ape baby was first included as a playable character in the spin-off game “DBGT: Final Bout.” He also appeared in “DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi” and “DBZ: Infinite World” as Super Baby Vegeta 2.

Previous DLC

It contains playable characters like Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the strongest Pride Trooper Jiren and the MVP of the Tournament of Power, Android 17.

Fu, the son of Towa and Mira, the mysterious character in “Dragon Ball Heroes” was also added as a playable character. He is the main antagonist in the popular game sequel.

Aside from playable characters, the previous DLC pack also includes several customization outfits such as skills, quests, and outfits. Players also got a treat from the downloadable content with five fresh parallel quests, eight new super soul, and eight additional skills. The previous “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” DLC pack arrived on February 28 and was made available in all platforms namely Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.