I have waited for this new season of "Elementary" for a long time now and was very pleased to see it was returning. This past Monday the first episode of Season 6 aired on CBS. Previous seasons have had Sherlock Holmes fighting his addiction, even as far as using it to help him to solve a case. His sober companion Joan Watson, although by his side, does give him warnings and ultimatums to do better. This season is no different.

Trouble brewing in Sherlock's life

Sherlock has an injury which is so serious that it places the rest of his life, career and yes, his sobriety and drug-free life at risk.

At the end of last season, Shinwell, to protect himself, went after Holmes but didn't kill him. Instead, all Holmes got was a concussion and some other injuries. His doctor diagnosed him with PCS or Postconcussive Syndrome and told Sherlock that he will lose his smarts. Thus, he faces the prospect of not only losing his way of life but his ability to use his mind and do his job. This Sherlock feels, threatens his very existence as a drug-free and sober man. His doctor is putting together a health plan that he has to follow, but Joan has also taken part and is making her own health plan in addition to the doctors that he must follow. Joan says Sherlock has to do the work for his health to improve.

Videotape is the best and only evidence needed

A young woman who was a wild child, Sophie Bishop, came to the police station with her husband, Ryan Hayes, to report or inquire about the health of a former friend, Samuel Olivetti. They had been to his apartment and found a lot of blood, but not their friend. This friend was someone who she slept with before being married to her husband.

Her husband, Ryan, aware of her history, didn't seem bothered by it as it all happened before he knew Sophie. But, did it not bother him? The reason the two worried was that a videotape of her and the deceased had recently surfaced and was shown on the internet. It was a tape that the deceased had made of the two of them.

He had never published it and didn't intend to, but somehow a person broke into his apartment and stole the videotape.

The same person or another person then uploaded it onto the world wide web. Upon seeing it, the deceased started emailing the website to have it taken down and to find out who uploaded it. Apparently, he got too close because he got murdered for his trouble.

X marks the spot on the tape

But, what the killer didn't count on was that the deceased taped his encounters and didn't have to actually turn the camera on and off physically. It was a very sweet set up indeed. He set the camera to turn on automatically when he turned the deadbolt on the front door. No one but the deceased knew this. How did Sherlock find this out? It happened when another witness Bethany Marshall, in the tape scene of the deceased, showed up for questioning.

She had made her own tape of him on her phone. She too never uploaded it either.

Somehow this made Sherlock go and take a second look at Olivetti's apartment and he found out about the ingenious start of his videotapes. What he also saw on this tape as he continued to watch was the husband, Ryan Hayes killing Olivetti.

Why did he do it? Jealousy. He claimed not to be upset by her earlier party ways, but due to this latest circumstance, she and her husband lost access to a fortune in a trust set up for her to take once she obtained the conditions set by her father. She failed to meet the conditions, and thus lost her fortune. But there is another twist in this sad tale of murder and mayhem. He also killed his wife.

Not only had he lost his fortune, but he saw his wife with another man having sexual relations. It was more than he could handle and he snapped.

Stay tuned for next week's episode of "Elementary" on CBS network.