How many of you feel that you are a big supporter of someone in political office because he listens to what you think and actually enacts laws that show that? For some people in this country and around the world, this is indeed a fact of their lives. These aren't just the grassroots organizations such as TGI Justice, Citizen's United and local political groups, but women's movements on campus and also everyday people such as you and me. We run the machine that requests and demands actions that will make this country a better place. We do it all over the world with help from our neighbors, our jobs, and our statesmen.

How do all of us change the world we live in? By joining a group like Global Citizen Organization.

What does this organization do?

Global Citizen Organization, is a group that helps bring awareness to the world on issues that concern us all. For example, clean water in an African town is of huge importance when only one well supports the whole town. Education is extremely important in any country and the children should be allowed to go to school. Last year, I watched a show on CNN about young girls in African countries where there is a war and famine.

A young African girl had been attending school up until the school was no longer open. Then, she found another school to go to, but she had to pay to attend classes and this young lady could not manage that.

Due to the war, there were no schools to go to, unless they were makeshift schools. However, there were schools that could be attended for a price. It is instances like this where this group, Global Citizen Organization, helps by bringing awareness to this one young African girl's situation to possibly help to fund a school for her and others in her situation.

Global Citizen Organization also works with others to change the status quo. They cover issues such as girls and women, finance and innovation, environment, health, food and hunger, citizenship, education, water, and sanitation. Wherever you see their symbol you will find a petition or information being discussed regarding what the issue is; what it means for those facing the issue, and what ways to combat it and keep it from returning.

Not all of the above-mentioned issues will be eradicated, nor will those same issues completely disappear, but the Global Citizen Organization is taking steps to prevent any further abuses from happening, and existing ones from worsening.

Two important issues

Two important issues are discussed below.

Issue 1: Rape in India of a child bride is now punishable by law.

How young girls and women are treated in foreign countries are two important issues. In India, due to two very highly watched cases, there was a law proposed which makes it possible for men who rape children in India, even in marital situations, to now be charged with rape if the child is under the age of 12.

They will be facing the death penalty.

According to information available in the Global Citizen Organization newsletter, this law has a requirement of two months for completion from the start of the investigation into the charge of rape. The president of India, however, has to sign this into law for it to come into full effect. Global Citizen has a petition circulating regarding this issue. With enough signatures, the powers that be will take notice and take steps to pass this law.

Issue 2: food and hunger, specifically ending extreme poverty.

Nelson Mandela went to prison for fighting against apartheid. Upon his release, he survived a few years but became the face of a nation's fight against oppression and racism. Part of his fight against apartheid was to ensure that those communities had access to food, clean water, education, sustainable living and a lessening of their poverty situation.

There are still many communities that are living and existing in extreme poverty. Global Citizen has written and issued a petition that is circling nations for persons to sign their support for eradicating poverty. To quote, the petition states in part:

"We commit to be[ing] the generation to "Promote access to quality nutrition and ensure female smallholder farmers can access land and financing." And, "Make sure all girls, including children affected by conflict and crisis, have access to a safe, free, quality, 12 years of education"

It goes on say, "Create a world where all girls and women have access to clean water, sanitation, and menstrual hygiene resources so that they can thrive to their full potential." These are just three of the tenets included in the petition.

To see the full petition, please go to the website for the Global Citizen Organization.

If you are interested in becoming a member or of learning more about this advocacy group, please check out their website. It will give you all the information you need, to decide if you wish to become a part of this group.