Trust Barack Obama to come up with something new to do as a former US president. He has always had a soft spot for Hollywood and has inked a deal with Netflix to produce Movies and TV series. He is now enjoying a carefree life with Michelle and through this newest venture, he will be able to reach out to the world with offerings that will keep the audience enthralled.

Los Angeles Times reports that the Obamas will offer a heady mix of programs that will include scripted series, documentaries as well as features. Barack Obama has explained that during his stay in office, he and Michelle had interacted with people from all walks of life.

That rich experience will help them to spread messages to the global community.

It will open up new horizons

Rumors had been doing the rounds that the Obamas want to get involved in making films in Hollywood; films that will be different. It zeroed down to Netflix when Susan Rice joined as a director. She had been the national security advisor to Barack Obama.

Incidentally, Netflix has close links with the Democratic Party. Its Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings contributed towards the campaign of the Democratic candidates. Among them were Obama himself and Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama loves to keep himself busy in creative work and already has a contract with Penguin for a book. He is now entering the world of entertainment in an attempt to change global thinking.

He wants to nurture and promote talent and encourage people to share their stories with others. Michelle believes in the power of storytelling because it helps to make people open-minded, and that is what the duo will be doing.

The shows will not target anyone

The step taken by Barack Obama will be a first for any former president of the United States.

When a leader of his stature makes films in Hollywood, they will not be run-of-the-mill affairs but will carry some message.

According to the BBC, Michelle Obama has said that Netflix is a proper platform which had a reach of 118 million at the end of 2017. She feels it is right for what she and her husband have in mind and is confident that their combined efforts will forge a new partnership.

There had been reports in a section of the media that the programs could be critical of the present administration but that is not on the agenda. Netflix chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, has clarified that the Obamas command respect and are in the unique position of being able to identify and highlight stories that will strive to make the world a better place to live in.