The commercials for the much-anticipated new series, The Crossing,” have been telling us endlessly that the show is from the network that brought us “Lost.” That’s fine, but, of course, that also indicates that no creative forces behind “Lost” are linked to “The Crossing” and it shows. The premiere revealed many of the underlying mysteries too soon and “The Crossing” may just become a routine action show about those from the future battling those from the present. The one wow moment from the episode, with the little girl from the future telling the present-day police officer, that war would be coming, had already been seen in all the commercials, so there was really no impact for the viewer.

The ratings are in

Although the debut of “The Crossing” won its 10 PM time slot on Monday night (April 2), the show, combined with “American Idol” for the primetime lineup, was not an effective rating combination for ABC. With a much-hyped new series, the starting expectations are much higher, and the premiere of “The Crossing” did not deliver.

Even with the 10 PM time slot win, the show’s Ratings were much lower than for “The Good Doctor,” which had been running in the same time slot. As ratings tend to start dipping after the premiere, this may be a bad indicator of the show’s future.

On Twitter, show watchers also worried that they would get invested in the show, only to see it canceled.

Viewers reactions are mixed

Some viewers were buying into the heavy run of commercials and hoping for another “Lost.” The series takes place in a sleepy Pacific Northwest town, where a group of people mysteriously wash on to shore, many dead, some living.

We quickly learn from the living, that they escaped from a horrific future, and have traveled back in time.

Of course, the federal government sweeps in and takes over the scene, investigating where these people are really from.

We also learn that part of the future population belongs to a group called Apex, and these people are super-human and not very nice. In another premiere reveal, we find out that this is not the first-time people from the future have returned to the present day. During a previous time trip, the evil ones from Apex came to the present day, and one is heading the government’s investigation into those that showed up in the ocean.

Maybe “The Crossing” will improve in future episodes, but the start is not promising. With so much of the mystery gone, the show felt like just another routine action series in the making, and those on Twitter noticed.