First Lady Melania Trump attended the funeral of Barbara Bush on April 21 without her husband Donald Trump. Everyone knew that the former U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will be at the funeral, and fans were already thrilled that they would be rubbing shoulders again with the current FLOTUS. Photos of them smiling at each other at the funeral made their way online, creating excitement among all fans. What's more is that the Slovenia native actually likes the Obamas, something that's way opposite to her husband's taste.

Melania Trump is grateful

An unnamed source close to Melania Trump recently told Hollywood Life that the First Lady is grateful that Michelle and Barack Obama are really nice and kind to her. According to the insider, the FLOTUS can't forget how incredible and nice the Obamas were to her during the Inauguration Day of Donald Trump in January 2017. The source went on to claim that their kindness "really meant a lot to her.”

The First Lady likes Barack Obama

What's more interesting is that the insider also said that Melania Trump thinks that the former U.S. President Barack Obama is “warm, charming and funny.” It is alleged that The First Lady was very stressed during the Inauguration Day having been bombarded with protocols that she needed to follow.

However, the Obama's were there and helped her feel less worried and more comfortable. The First Lady cannot avoid the world's glare, and she's been careful not to make any mistake in public, but having the Obamas made her feel at ease.

"But, the Obamas immediately put her at ease, they were so incredibly gracious to her, and for that alone she will always be grateful,” the source said.

Donald Trump is annoyed

President Donald Trump is known for his notorious criticism of Barack Obama, and the source also said that when Melania Trump admitted that she finds the Obamas warm and nice, the POTUS got annoyed. People can't help but notice how the First Lady reacts whenever she's with her husband. According to some fans, the Slovenia native always shows a very serious aura.

However, when she was with the Obamas at the funeral of Barbara Bush, people noticed how comfortable she was with them.

Twitter reacts

When photos of Melania Trump smiling at Barack Obama at the funeral came out, Twitter immediately reacted to it. According to Teen Vogue, the First Lady's photo of her smiling at the former president has become a meme. On Twitter, people tweeted the photo with the FLOTUS smiling and concluded that the former U.S. leader is still graceful with his sense of humor that made the 47-year-old former model smile.

Others though, were only retweeting the photo in an attempt to make Donald Trump angry.