The latest interview with one of the top guys working on the upcoming animated movie “Dragon Ball Super” revealed some very interesting information. It reveals the setting, details about the story, and the new and exciting additions that fans of the franchise will see for the first time. It was just recently that fans got to see the first-ever trailer that featured Son Goku wearing his legendary Orange Ki. The fan-favorite Saiyan is holding his Power Pole and standing in the icy tundra. Many fans were intrigued upon seeing the video and speculated on the setting of the movie.

The latest revelation sheds light on the otherwise speculated-filled setting and the story of the movie.

New planet

The official website of the upcoming anime movie “Dragon Ball Super” has been recently updated. The team behind the worldwide successful series has lately founded the “DB Movie Frontline.” This will keep track new information related to the animated movie. This will also contain the interviews with the staff and casts of the film, which could contain important details. Just today, the Chief of DB Room graced the first article for the DBMFL. It shares the excerpt from his latest interview revealing several details that fans could use as a guide in deciphering the plot of the movie.

Popular anime content creator and translator Herms shared on his official Twitter account the translated version of Chief Akio Iyoku’s interview. The Chief discloses that the movie will have a multilayered story. Some of its parts are in the past, in the present, and multiple settings. He adds that the legendary creator Akira Toriyama provided more than 20 sheets of designs.

This includes characters, machines, and at least one new planet. Since the release of the trailer, fans have been talking about the ancient Saiyan that could possibly be located in a Saiyan planet.

Other details

As to what could this new planet be is still unknown and undisclosed.

In the entire franchise, fans were introduced to Planet Vegeta and Planet Sadala as the planets where Saiyans inhabit. With the latest revelation about a New Saiyan Planet, it is possible that it could be an old place where Saiyans used to live. This could be linked to the comment made by Toriyama-san that the movie will feature the origins of the Saiyans. Could this place serve as the house of the infamous Saiyan frozen on ice? We will know more about this when the animated movie “Dragon Ball Super” officially hit the theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018.