After a teaser trailer and a sneak peek trailer, Disney has finally released the first full Incredibles 2” trailer. Expectations have been high ever since “The Incredibles” first came out nearly 14 years ago. Out of all the Pixar movies, “The Incredibles” always seemed like the one most deserving of a sequel and now we finally have a decent idea of what that will entail.

A new, but familiar story

“Incredibles 2” is doing what just about every Pixar movie sequel and prequel before it has done. “Finding Dory,” “Monsters University,” and “Cars 2” all took the deuteragonist of their original film and put them in the leading role in the sequel/prequel.

This seems to be the case with “Incredibles 2” as the main plot focus on Helen Parr/Elastigirl as she teams up with a new character voiced by Bob Odenkirk to help bring back supers into public crime fighting. Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible is still very much present, but it appears he’ll be in a more supporting role as he takes care of the family in Elastigirl’s absence, much like how she did in the first movie. Lucius Best/Frozone, voiced by the great Samuel L. Jackson, will be returning as well and it looks like he’ll be helping Mr. Incredible try and take care of his son Jack Jack. Jack Jack, who only had a small role in the first movie, looks like he’ll have a much more prominent part in this movie as his father deals with all his newly discovered powers.

What will stand in the Incredibles’ way this time around?

Other than the stress of raising a family solo, there looks to be a handful of possible new villains present in “Incredibles 2.” As shown in the sneak peek The Underminer, the villain from the last few minutes of “The Incredibles,” will be making his return as the “Incredibles 2” picks up right where the “Incredibles” left off.

It’s unlikely The Underminer will last more than the first 10 minutes or so of the movie, as the trailers have made clear he is not the focus of the film. No, instead it looks as if Bob Odenkirk’s character Winston Deavor will be the new main villain. Either that, or it could be the mysterious new character known as Screenslaver who only showed up at the very end of this new trailer.

It’s very possible Winston Deavor could be Screenslaver, as Disney and Pixar have become known for having villains that start off as seemingly good characters that eventually reveal themselves to be the bad guy. I hope the “Incredibles 2” stays away from this trope as it’s become a little overdone in recent times, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hopefully “Incredibles 2” will take after the “Toy Story” sequels and be one of the few sequels to be better than the original. While most of Pixar’s sequels and prequels aren’t outright bad, most fail to live up to the original and with “The Incredibles” being one of the best original Pixar movies out there, “Incredibles 2” has some big shoes to fill.

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