"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Dr. Marlena Evans will soon have a very dramatic storyline. Salem's resident psychiatrist will seemingly get sucked into Abigail's split personality disorder drama and it could cost her everything. The latest "DOOL" spoilers confirm that Marlena will meet one of Abby's alter-egos, Dr. Laura. It seems that Marlena (Deidre Hall) could actually be one of the first people to figure out what is going on with Abigail (Marci Miller) and she'll find herself in danger because of it.

Stefan continues to protect Abigail's secret

The latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers suggest that Stefan O. DiMera (Tyler Christopher) is going to kidnap Marlena. This will likely be because she figures out Abigail's secret. As many "DOOL" viewers know, Stefan is falling hard for Abby's alter-ego, Gabby. Stefan is already wanting to spend more and more time with Gabby, and it seems that he is hoping that Gabby will take over Abigail's body altogether, leaving Abby gone forever and her husband Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) out in the cold when it comes to his marriage. If Marlena finds out that Abby has a split personality disorder then she will want to tell Chad what's going on and insist that Abigail gets immediate help for her serious mental condition.

This would mean that Gabby would soon be gone, and Stefan just can't have that.

Stefan is more like his father than we thought

It seems that Stefan will end up being a chip off the old block. Just like his father, Stefano DiMera, he'll kidnap Marlena. As many "Days of our Lives" fans know, Stefano often took Marlena away from her friends and family members.

Stefano was obsessed with Marlena and thought that they belonged together at all cost. Now, it seems that Stefan may feel the same way about Abigail and/or her alter-ego(s). It seems that he will stop at nothing to get Gabby to stay in Abigail's body for good and start a romance with her. However, Marlena's husband, John Black (Drake Hogestyn) will eventually realize that something is terribly wrong when he can't find his wife.

He'll go looking for her, and hopefully save her from Stefan's evil grip.

Who will help Abigail?

"Days of our Lives" fans will see Abigail's drama continue to play out over the coming weeks, and it seems that Marlena's involvement could complicate the situation even further. In addition, Abby's grandmother, Dr. Laura Horton, will soon be in Salem and she could help crack Abigail's health mystery while she is in town.