Melo and Gelo -- along with their Family -- have already been in the freezing cold country of Lithuania for a while. The boys are currently professional basketball players for BC Vytautas which is in Prienai, Lithuania as their father LaVar has pulled both of his boys out of school in order to focus strictly on basketball.

Team bonding

For anyone that plays a team sport, they can relate to this expression: Teammates are like your brothers. In order for everyone to get along on a team, you have to get to know your teammates. The players on BC Vytautas went to a pool in order for the players to spend time together and to get to know each other better.

All the players are seen in the hot tub while LaVar struggles to get in the water due to the water being so cold.

LaVar, along with the head coach of BC Vytautas (Virginijus Seskus) and a few others get in a sauna to relax. In the sauna, someone gives them the experience of a traditional Lithuanian sauna ritual. The ritual of a traditional Lithuanian sauna is dipping your fingers in water and wishing something for yourself and others. LaVar made a wish of "I hope I don't get burnt in here and I hope we all make it out alive" as the sauna for him was really hot.

While in Canada

With the Lakers on the road in Toronto, Lonzo is seen at a restaurant with his manager DMO and teammate Kyle Kuzma. While there, Melo video chats with Lonzo.

Melo sees that he's with Kuzma which gets him trash-talking Kuzma about each other's swag. Kuzma tells Melo that he has no swag which gets him to respond with: "I'm so fly that I'm gonna have your mama laced up in MB1s courtside" which gets Zo, Kuzma and DMO laughing.

Baby Ball on the way

Guess what? Denise, Lonzo's girlfriend, is pregnant with his child.

That means a baby Ball is on the way. Denise has stated that the baby is due in July. With the popularity of Lonzo and the entire Ball family, Zo and Denise wanted to reveal the pregnancy to the world but they weren't able to do that as the news of the pregnancy got leaked to the public before they were able to reveal it themselves.

Since they weren't able to reveal it, Denise was upset and also said that Zo is upset, which can easily be seen from the facial expression of Denise.

Back in Lithuania, LaVar and Noni (Lonzo's grandmother) had their doubts about the pregnancy as Lonzo is only 20 and Denise is only 21 (she'll be 22 when the baby arrives) but they later stated that they think Denise and Lonzo are mature enough to be parents. Melo called Gelo an uncle as both he and Gelo are uncles-to-be. He did the same thing with his mother and grandmother, calling his mom a grandma and his grandmother a great grandma. As Gelo was one of the first people to hear about the pregnancy -- Lonzo told him -- he said that the news caught him and his family off-guard.

Crazy sports parent

Gelo and LaVar explain how the boys should be starting as most players are injured and that most players don't even show up to practice. LaVar has said that he thinks his sons have earned the right to start and that "He got to be foolish if he don't start y'all two" -- referring to coach Seskus.

The next game, Gelo and Melo are seen on the bench which angers LaVar. "Does he want to be on my good side?" he is seen saying from the stands. "I thought he was a loyal guy but he's not loyal." LaVar is also seen cursing at the coach as he is mad that his sons aren't starting. LaVar has said that he can't trust the coach anymore and that it's time to look at some other options since he isn't happy with the playing time his boys are getting.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, they show a preview of what's going to be in the next episode. In episode 20 (which will be next Sunday on Facebook Watch), the Ball family heads to London, England for a pop-up shop for their family-owned company Big Baller Brand (BBB). Since they're going to London, LaVar reveals that instead of LaMelo, they almost named him London. Good thing they named him LaMelo Ball and not London Ball because LaMelo Ball sounds a lot better than London Ball. Lonzo not only has his signature shoe but he also has merchandise like t-shirts, shorts and other stuff under his ZO2 apparel collection. In order to display his merchandise, he has a fashion show going on with all models wearing ZO2 apparel. With LaVar back in Los Angeles, LaVar is set to talk to his son about being a father and what comes with having a child. The whole episode will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch.