Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham didn't exactly start out on the right foot. Arie shocked Bachelor Nation when he picked Becca as the winner of "The Bachelor" even though many fans thought Lauren was a better match. Well, it turned out that Arie also felt that way and ended up dumping Becca and running back to Lauren.

Now, the "Bachelor" couple is working to make sure that their love lasts. They've already been on several trips together and share tons of pictures of each other on social media. They look like they are in love.

Even still, not many looking for love within the "Bachelor" franchise have actually found it.

It will take a lot of work for Arie and Lauren to keep their love alive. Thankfully, they have help.

'Marriage Boot Camp'

On Tuesday, Arie Luyendyke Jr and Lauren Burnham had lunch with counselors from WEtv's "marriage boot camp: Reality Stars." The group that included Dr. Ish and Dr. V from the popular show were photographed eating lunch at the Arizona Biltmore That's not too far from home for Arie and Lauren, who are reportedly living in Scottsdale.

It looks like Arie and Lauren will not be joining the "Marriage Boot Camp" show. Instead, Us Weekly reports that the pair were looking for some advice on the relationship professionals about how to keep their relationship heading in the right direction despite all of the obstacles that fame can throw in the way.

The meeting must not have been a secret either. Both Dr. Ish and Dr. V spoke to People about seeing the "Bachelor" couple and even talked about the impression that Arie and Lauren gave them during the lunch meeting.

“When I see Arie and Lauren, I see a couple who’s both in love and happy to be together, which is great for them because sometimes both of those things don’t always happen at once.” Dr.

Ish told People. “They held hands and sat close to each other the entire time. That body language says to me that they are literally into each other. ”

Dr. V agreed that they looked like a happy couple.

More controversy?

The counselor sighting had some "Bachelor" fans wondering if there was trouble in paradise. Perez Hilton seemed to stir up some drama when he reported on the "Marriage Boot Camp" counselor sighting.

He's clearly on Team Becca though, calling the recent finale the "worst 'Bachelor' ever."

It seems that a lot of fans of the show are still upset about the controversial ending and were hoping for the worst when it came to Arie and Lauren. It's safe to say that they are doing well, though. With the way it all worked out, if the "Bachelor" couple stays together for the long run, at least their season won't be forgotten for a long, long time. Silver linings, right?