jax taylor isn't buying scheana marie's claims of having the perfect boyfriend, the perfect relationship, and the perfect life -- and he appears to be right on when it comes to his suspicions. In a sneak peek at tonight's new episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Taylor sits down with his co-star for a chat, and right away, he makes it clear that he believes Scheana's real life is much different from the story she tells on social media.

"This is real life. It's not just one big happy Instagram story," he says, according to the preview clip shared by E!

News on March 12. Taylor then poses the question of whether or not Scheana's "perfect" boyfriend Robert Parks-Valletta has told her "I love you." As fans will recall, Parks-Valletta admitted that love wasn't a word he was ready to use during last week's episode but said that Scheana was wanting him to say "I love you" back to her.

Scheana Marie may have been taking her relationship too seriously

At the time the "Vanderpump Rules" episode was filmed, the couple had been dating for about seven months. However, despite their months-long relationship, Parks-Valletta seemed to make it clear that his outlook on their romance was far more casual than how she was perceiving it.

Although Scheana Marie has seemed to be in denial about Robert Parks-Valletta's outlook on their relationship since the start, she did admit during her conversation with Jax Taylor that the actor was a bit more reserved than she would prefer.

She then insisted that she and Parks-Valletta would ultimately wed. "Eventually we're going to get married," she said. "Yes, maybe slower than I would want."

During early episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" season six, Scheana said that she was planning to marry Parks-Valletta as soon as her divorce from musician Mike Shay was finalized.

She even named July of last year as a potential month for her wedding to the actor. Meanwhile, he's never said a thing publicly about marrying the reality star -- either during their time together on-screen or otherwise.

Scheana Marie's romance ended in August of last year

Despite her talks of the future, Scheana Marie's relationship with Robert Parks-Valletta came to an abrupt end in August of last year and they haven't been seen together much in the months since.

Instead, Scheana has been living in Las Vegas while her partner remains in Los Angeles.

"I know I look really stupid," Scheana Marie recently said on her podcast. "I got back with someone who I felt was my soulmate and was the one."