If you have been following the Duggar family for the past couple of years now, you would know that they are not at all afraid to show some Pda. This may actually come as a bit of a shock to many Duggar fans online, as this family have very strict rules when it comes to relationships. For instance, the family don’t believe in dating, instead, they use the practice of courting for them to find love. Well, now the Duggar family has come under fire online as many fans are quite sick at the amount of PDA that this family is showing on their TLC Reality Television Series “Counting On” and on social media as well.

What are people saying about the Duggar family showing off so much PDA?

Now, fans first started complaining about this family showing off too much PDA when Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard began kissing at Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding. When fans found out that the couple were kissing at this wedding they were actually kind of creeped out by the whole thing. For instance, one fan wrote online: “He had his wedding day and tried to steal something from Jinger and Jeremy.” Another then commented online: “There was no need for him to kiss his wife."

As you can tell from reading both those comments, some fans have seemed to have had enough of this Duggar couple showing off PDA any chance they get.

However, what many fans find interesting is the fact that Jinger (who is the most laid-back Duggar) has the least amount of kissing pictures with her partner online compared to the other family members.

What is everyone else in the Duggar family up to now?

The Duggar family are still a very busy family, as the brand new dramatic season of their TLC family reality television series “Counting On” just recently started to air its new episodes.

With these new episodes airing at the moment, the Duggar clan have been very busy with promoting the show. For example, the family recently went to Australia to help promote the series, and when they were there, they managed to find themselves in some hot water. This was because one of the parents received a ticket for speeding, and Jim Bob made a rather offensive joke about Jana being single, which many fans did not find very funny.

As one fan wrote online: “Is ol’ JB a little salty that lovely, talented Jana isn’t playing along with the real Duggar family business.”

Nonetheless, be sure to follow this controversial family so you don’t miss any information at all.