Farrah Abraham decided to leave "Teen Mom OG" behind after a producer gave her a choice to pursue her adult films or her role with "Teen Mom OG." The higherups at MTV decided that she couldn't continue to do both, as it would give the show a different vibe. When Farrah did her adult films, she was given an ultimatum and she told the producers that she wanted to continue with "Teen Mom OG" and leave the adult entertainment industry behind. But when Abraham decided to leave the show, she made the exit all about MTV lying, equality between men and women, and the issue about safe sex.

Now, her daughter's Twitter profile is speaking about her mother's firing.

Sophia's account is run by an adult, but it seems completely inappropriate that she's speaking out about MTV lying about her mother's exit. It's possible that Sophia doesn't even know that her mother is doing webcam shows for random strangers online for money. According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now sharing a tweet from her daughter's account and she seems happy that her daughter's account is supporting her.

Lying about her mother

MTV revealed that fans were excited about seeing Monday's episode of "Teen Mom OG," because the final confrontation between Farrah and a producer would be aired. But after the episode aired, Farrah revealed that she had been fired in a discriminatory way.

She has also filed a lawsuit against Viacom and MTV for wrongful termination, revealing she wants $5 million.

On Twitter, Sophia revealed that it was bad that MTV fired her mother because she saw her mother as a leader.

She also revealed that it was unfair to treat a single mother like this, asking her to choose between her career choices. The adult tweeting for Sophia also revealed she wouldn't stand for his.

Fans are worried about Sophia

Of course, many fans of "Teen Mom OG" have said that they are worried about Sophia. They are concerned that she's living with her mother and that she's being influenced by all of her decisions.

On the show, fans keep talking about her behavior towards her grandmother and even her mother. The way Farrah treats people rubs off on Sophia, who is also starting to show traits of being rude and aggressive. Now that fans can't follow her on "Teen Mom OG," one has to wonder if fans will be even more concerned about her well-being and safety.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham's daughter tweeting about her mother's firing from "Teen Mom OG?"