The year was 2009, the pop-punk phase was on the rise, “scene kids” were wearing black band shirts and congregating in groups to discuss the news. panic! at the Disco had two major band members leave. A major band of the punk genre of music had broken up and the era of Baroque-pop-punk was over, or so the fans thought. Lead singer Brendon Urie stepped up to the plate, taking the reins. Since then, Panic! has only risen, topping the charts. While they haven't released any albums since 2016, they have been involved in other projects such as "Spongebob Squarepants: the Broadway Musical."

History of revolving band members

The original members of the band included Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Sam Smith, and Brent Wilson.

As the band continued to make albums, the songs were more distinct from each other as more people became involved in the creation of the music throughout the years such as Ian Crawford, Jon Walker, and Dallon Weekes. After two albums, Ross and Walker left in 2009 to form their own band, which freed Urie to take the creative control that we see in "Death of A Bachelor" and "Too Weird To Live, Too Weird To Die." Ross was their lyricist, a fact that ultimately limited Urie's vision for the band. Crawford and Weekes were added after the two left to continue the tour, on guitar and bass respectively. Urie is now the only original remaining band member left, which is why in music videos we usually just see him by himself.

Who is Nicole Row?

Nicole Row is originally from Fresno but moved to L.A. to follow her passion for the bass. She has played for Miley Cyrus, Troye Sivan, Daya, and Fat Joe, along with countless others. She's been on world tours and has also been involved in teaching others how to play the bass. While her career has exploded in popularity from these bands and her newest placement with Panic!, she still loves to spread her knowledge to other kids and give back.

Nicole in the band

For the first time since wrapping up their promo for "Death of A Bachelor," the band played their first gig in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Grog Shop. Nicole is replacing previous bassist Dallon Weekes who left last December. So far, her full time band status is unknown so she will mostly be playing in the band's live shows.

With the surprise mail random fans have been receiving, along with the surprise show on March 19th, hopefully the reveal of the new bassist promises new music.

What do you think about the band adding a new bassist?