So far, 2018 is off to a good start in terms of music. In January, we were gifted with Camila Cabello’s "Camila." In February, we were graced with Rich Brian’s "Amen." It can only get even better from here. Metacritic released a list of upcoming albums for 2018 and it’s surprisingly long. But that means it’s also surprisingly daunting, especially when you don’t want to spend time shuffling through each artist and picking what you’re used to out of the underground up-and-comers.

So, here’s a list of the most promising albums to Look Out for in 2018 featuring a mix of familiar and underground artists to give your Mega Jam playlist that hasn’t been touched since 2012 a new list of faces (but really, you should update it at this point anyway).

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BAMBARA, 'Shadow on Everything' (Punk) releasing April 6

This list starts with an incredibly underground band with huge potential. With a tiny 835 monthly listeners on Spotify but 2 full-length albums released, it’s a wonder why these guys were not discovered sooner. Granted, the day a true punk song is featured on pop radio will be the day humans sprout wings, but that doesn’t mean they should go under the radar. Take a listen to their latest song "Jose Tries to Leave" and decide for yourself if they should be given a bigger spotlight.

Dusted, 'Blackout Summer' (Atmospheric Rock) releasing April 6

Brian Borcherdt, who has been in a laundry list of bands including Holy F*ck, finally goes solo with his new title "Dusted." And with 22,443 monthly listeners on Spotify, he’s really hit the ground running despite releasing only one album so far.

Take a listen to his latest single "Backwoods Ritual" and try not to imagine yourself listening to this song live at Woodstock or from the speakers of a record player.

GUM, 'The Underdog' (Psychedelic Rock) releasing April 6

GUM is the personal project of Jay Watson, best known for his work in Tame Impala and Pond. He’s gone solo and fans can’t thank him enough.

With 137,313 monthly listeners on Spotify, he is sure to be one artist to keep an eye on this year. He carries over that Impala sound and keeps classic psych rock alive the way it should be in the 2010’s. He’s released 3 singles so far this year, but take a listen to his latest one "The Blue Marble" and try not to be taken back in time.

The Wonder Years, 'Sister Cities' (Pop/Punk) releasing April 6

Ever hear that saying “punk’s not dead, it just went pop"? Well, hopefully, this year The Wonder Years will make that saying ring true once more, bringing pop punk back into the mainstream with their latest album. They have the classic sound of any pop punk band and are the perfect gateway to bringing this lesser-known genre back into the public view. Ever since iconic pop punk bands such as Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and Panic! at the Disco moved away from the genre, fans have been a little lost. With 624,571 monthly listeners on Spotify, I’m hoping to see the classic pop punk resurgence later on this year. Take a listen to their latest song "Sister Cities" and try not to weep over all the good pop punk bands we lost along the way.

King Tuff, The Other' (Neo-Grunge) releasing April 13

This artist has the most unique sound of anyone on this list yet. With 307,189 monthly listeners on Spotify, he is sure to earn a place in the mainstream this year. His latest song "Raindrop Blue" feels like an electric psychedelic rock single taken from the past and bestowed upon us in the 21st century. If I don’t hear any more of his work on the radio, I’m going to make a few strongly worded phone calls. Take a listen to "Raindrop Blue" and try not to hurt your hands from clapping along.

Post Animal,'When I Think of You in a Castle' (Psychedelic Rock), releasing April 20

Now, this is a band I’m expecting to emerge from their hiding place in the mainstream and leap into the public eye.

With 111,617 monthly listeners on Spotify, they are truly a band to be on the lookout for this year. They have a bit of a pop vibe hidden under their distorted guitar and synth that’s the perfect sound to dominate the new year. Their latest song "Ralphie" is a good sign that their album will be a smash hit. Take a listen and try not to listen to it too many times (it’s better to wait for the full album to drop).

Black Moth Super Rainbow, 'Panic Blooms' (Psychedelic Indie Rock), releasing May 4

Now, don’t get me wrong, this band is far from conventional. In fact, they’re a little…different. But that’s the reason why they’re one to look out for this year. Weird and unconventional pop is here to remind us that music is art and art is a form of self-expression.

And with their 78,345 monthly listeners on Spotify, it's safe to say that they’re not going anywhere. Where would we be without the Death Grips or the iamiwhoami’s in this world? Plus, the weirdest bands always have the coolest names. Their latest song "Mr No One" is a good example of music as art and not necessarily as dime-a-dozen as today’s chart-toppers. Take a listen and decide for yourself, should weird pop grow or stay far, far below the surface?

Peace, 'Kindness is the New Rock and Roll' (Indie Rock), releasing May 4

Now, this band is expected to hit the charts this year with their latest song alone. Their last full-length album was released in 2015 and they’ve released ep’s and singles since then.

But their latest album has promise. They clearly reflect what’s on the radio right now: bouncy beats and positive lyrics while throwing their own identity into the mix. With 287,917 monthly listeners on Spotify, I hope to see that number explode once their album drops in May. Take a listen to their latest song "Power" and try not to call every radio station requesting it.

These are the highlights of some unknown artists coming out with more projects. But have no fear, according to Vulture, all your favorite chart-topping artists are coming out with new albums this year as well. The downside? Every date is TBA (to be announced). So in the meantime, take a listen to these new and upcoming artists and bring much needed new faces to the music scene.

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