In a digitized world that is evolving with every passing minute, leisure is something of an abundance and rarity all one and the same, depending on how one chooses to individually look at and into these aspects. Having said that, even attempting to find a creative pastime which is wholesome in terms of how indulgent it is, and at the same time, bringing together people with a fine mix of socializing and fun, is quite the job.

High-end console gaming, online multiplayer games, and the likes have been a swift answer to this basal requirement, but it doesn’t quite go the full mile when it comes to actual, real-time socializing.

This is one gaping void that Card Games, old, new, and upcoming, fill flawlessly well.

Time well spent

Card games and Board games have been the best way to bring people together and kill time while bonding and having fun. For centuries, they’ve been the most reliable, go to source for entertainment, and by centuries, we mean it very seriously, as these games do not rely on technology at all. They’ll do mighty fine in something as minimalistic as candlelight.

Most recent games are often based off of popular television shows and their stellar success, and the one show reigning the charts as of now and in the recent past has, undoubtedly, been the Critic’s Choice Award winner, "Rick and Morty" by Adult Swim.

The "Rick and Morty" Franchise has definitely gone miles ahead as far as widening the reach of their show’s success is concerned. They’ve had their version of Monopoly, and also a Pokemon themed spin-off game for mobile devices called Pocket Morty’s, both of which have been received very well by the fandom.

The "Rick and Morty" franchise hasn’t seemed to have stopped yet. In their hiatus to work on their upcoming season which is rumored to release sometime in late 2019, the franchise has yet another game in its name which will be released soon this year.

The Ricks must be crazy

Aptly as the title suggests, this new card game named “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” is based on an episode of the show with the same name.

Just as in the episode, the game has its roots spreading across the concept of Rick, Mini, Micro, and Teenyverses.

The game which can have 2-4 players, lets you take on the roles of Rick, Morty, Kyle, and Zeep. The aforementioned verses act as the four locations for the game to be played in, and the game, in general, can be summarized as a contraption building game to make one’s way out of a much primitive verse into the Rickverse.

Each player takes turns or actions to build engines or gadgets for power generation, in order to systematically take control of a bigger, more advanced verse in the hierarchy of verses. Players may gain an advantage by unique character abilities, as well as the order of player depending on which verse they’re in.

Power tracking tokens, Build and control tokens, First player token, VP Tokens, and a spread of 60 great looking cards with 4 character standees makes this game an absolute delight. Keep your eyes peeled for the release to make your game collection schwiftier.