Marvel’s Jessica Jones is back for round two, and it could not come a moment too soon. Prior to the new season, we were left with a slow season two of Daredevil, under-performing Iron Fist and the let-down of The Defenders. Despite all that, this new season of Jessica Jones is a bright light in the midst of uncertainty and letdowns.

The latest season leaves Jessica Jones reeling from her bad choices made throughout season one and still vulnerable to bullets. The narrative lacks cohesion, but the season provides in-depth character analysis, not found in many superhero-based shows.

Jessica Jones spoilers ahead

The first five episodes were a tad slow. However, episode six picked up speed as Jessica Jones begins to hunt down a mysterious killer. The killer unsurprisingly turns out to be her mother, played by Janet McTeer. The reveal was expected by viewers who have watch standard television. We are provided flashbacks, piecing together her past. Come to find out, Marvel’s Jessica Jones may have discovered her mother, but now her mother is an unstable villain, making the reunion more disturbing than happy.

It’s not a strong season of television for Marvel. The season could have been constructed tighter, especially the episodes before the big reveal, because the story only takes off when we discover who she his and how she fits into Jessica’s life.

The decision for a 13-episode season is not popular because many are starting to lose interest in the story once it goes past eight episodes.

Jessica’s constant drinking has become an old shtick, as it is mostly played for laughs. The only two, who are close to her are recovering addicts. Trish is also the most problematic when it comes to character influence on Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

This season we discover she has a new addiction and continues to fail at selling her relapse to the audience.

Carrie-Anne Moss returns for more and is probably the best character return, as she is dealing with Jeri’s diagnosis of ALS. Moss delivers another round of her ruthlessness, hile being the scariest lawyer you’ve ever seen.

Kilgrave also returns, but only to haunt Jessica Jones.

We are also introduced to Jessica’s rival investigator Terry Chen, who appears he may return for another season, if Marvel greenlights a season three. As Hollywood continues to Fight over proper representation of women in the workforce, it’s worth nothing that all season two episodes were directed by women. Marvel’s Jessica Jones latest season is more of a reflection for Jessica and the people she has killed. However as we watch, we see all the chances she has to be a normal human. The season ends with a sign that season three is a possibility.