The Duggar family have been in the news quite a lot over the past couple of weeks for various reasons, but this time, it involves Joy-Anna Duggar. In case you are not aware, Joy-Anna just recently gave birth to her son Gideon Martyn Forsyth on February 23rd, and she has been very busy looking after the infant. However, not only has she been busy with her maternal duties, but she is also still doing work promoting the new season of her family’s TLC reality television series “Counting On.” Joy-Anna just did a video for TLC talking about the birth of her son, and, in the interview, she even talked about the future job prospects for Gideon.

What did this Duggar family member have to say about the potential future career of her child?

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth opened up to the TLC cameras about what work they would like their son to take up in the future. This career may not be that surprising to you, as this Duggar couple just want Gideon to follow in Austin’s footsteps and work in the Family Business of flipping houses. This is what Joy-Anna had to say about Gideon working with Austin in the future: “I think Austin’s really excited to have a baby boy because he’s really wanting to have somebody to take to work and go do a lot of different hobbies and just teach him all the skills that Austin knows.” The Duggar family have experience in the real estate business as well, so Joy-Anna could also give her son Gideon some work-related tips in the future.

What is everybody else in the Duggar family up to at the moment?

This family have been very busy recently, as, not only have they been promoting the new season of “Counting On” (which just began airing not too long ago), but, there is also a lot of baby news. For instance, Joy-Anna just gave birth to Gideon on February 23rd, but Gideon is not the only Duggar baby that is being brought into the world in 2018.

The reason for this is because Joy-Anna’s sister Jinger Duggar and her sister-in-law Kendra Duggar are expecting at the moment and are due sometime later this year.

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