Briana DeJesus was one of the stars on "Teen Mom 3" but fans didn't hear much from her when MTV decided to cancel that franchise. Despite the high ratings for "Teen Mom 2," the producers decided to add Briana to the line-up and she eagerly accepted to film the show. When she was filming, Briana was pregnant with her second baby and she learned that the child's father had been cheating on her. Now, she's a single mother to little Stella, who is learning how to crawl. Even though some fans were excited to catch up with Briana, it sounds like she also has her fair share of haters.

On social media, Briana revealed that she doesn't seem to care that some people really don't enjoy watching her on "Teen Mom 2."

Several people have asked her to leave the franchise, especially after drama surfaced between her and some of her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars. But according to a new tweet, Briana DeJesus isn't planning on leaving the show at all. Even though she may have thought about leaving the drama behind, it sounds like she can handle the online bullying and name-calling when the paycheck comes in. It's no secret that the girls on the show make good money, so it makes sense that she's willing to go back. It's possible she's returning to the show to spite Javi, as they used to date.

Fans think she needs the money

Many of the "Teen Mom 2" viewers believe that she's coming back to the show because she needs the money. They believe that she's only filming the show so she can make money and provide for her two daughters. Briana has revealed that she is working and making money, but she also recently revealed that she moved back in with her ex-boyfriend, Devoin.

Fans are curious to know why she's not getting her own place. She could be saving up her money from "Teen Mom 2," so she can buy her own home. That's what her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars have done.

Friends with Jenelle Evans

Another reason why fans aren't too thrilled with Briana DeJesus is her friendship with Jenelle Evans. Over the past couple of weeks, Jenelle's husband has made homophobic comments on Twitter and he has been fired from MTV.

While Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have distanced themselves from his comments, Briana DeJesus seems to have taken Jenelle's side. The two bonded at a reunion special filming for the show, and she revealed that while she didn't agree with his comments, she did feel that David Eason should be allowed to speak his mind. At present time, she and Javi have not revealed whether they are on good terms.

Do you think Briana DeJesus will ever quit "Teen Mom 2?"