jill zarin revealed that her husband Bobby Zarin had lost his battle with cancer earlier this year. He passed away in January after a long battle with cancer. Even though he had previously been diagnosed with cancer, he had surgery and was deemed healthy while he was filming "The real housewives of new york" years ago. But Bobby Zarin learned that his cancer had returned last year and he chose to fight back. Over several months, Jill stood by his side and her husband continued to fight for his life. Last summer, she would share photos of them together and it was clear that he was very sick.

Suddenly, he died in January of this year and Jill had to deal with a funeral while grieving the loss of her husband.

Her husband ran Zarin Fabrics, a fabrics store in New York. Jill would work alongside with him and they managed to create a family business. Now that Bobby is gone, Zarin is running the business on her own. According to a new report, Jill Zarin is now revealing that it was surreal to come back to work. She sat down for an interview, revealing that she didn't go to work for two months after losing her husband. She reveals that she was emotional as she walked through the door.

Hasn't announced work plans

While Jill Zarin used to film "The Real Housewives of New York," she hasn't revealed her plans for work.

It's uncertain what her financial situation is, but one can imagine that she and her husband worked out the details prior to his passing. These days, she's back at Zarin Fabrics. It's possible she will continue to work with the business and continue to grow it. She hasn't made any comments about possibly selling the business.

Right now, Jill may just take things day by day.

Rebuilding friendship with Bethenny Frankel

When Bobby Zarin was buried, bethenny frankel was spotted outside of the church. She embraced her former friend, who was struggling to deal with the loss of her husband. Many people assumed that the two of them could reconcile their friendship.

The two of them have struggled to make things work over the past couple of years, and the two decided to end their friendship. But Bobby's death may be the one thing that could push them back together. The funeral will be featured on "The Real Housewives of New York" when the show returns this April on Bravo.

What do you think about Jill Zarin returning to work? Do you think single Jill should return to "The Real Housewives of New York" next season?