Jeremy Madix works at SUR and Lisa Vanderpump appears to be happy about his hard work and dedication, but he hasn't been a huge part of "Vanderpump Rules." Ariana Madix may have talked to Lisa about hiring him and giving him a job, as she loves her brother and would love to keep him close. On "Vanderpump Rules," Madix was there when the fire broke out at SUR and he was there, risking his life to stop the fire from spreading. Tom Sandoval gave a shoutout to him, as he as proud of his dedication to SUR.

So when stassi schroeder and Kristen Doute revealed that Jeremy was creepy when Billie Lee revealed she was going on a date with him, her "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars decided to speak up for her.

Billie was happy to go on a date, and Jeremy may have been hurt after being called a creep. According to a new tweet, Jeremy Madix is now revealing that he wants people to spread the love and not disregard people's emotions and feelings. As the show aired, he revealed that people should be mindful and be careful.

Spreading the love

It's interesting that he wants to spread the love as two stars of the show didn't have nice things to say. It seems like Kristen is just agreeing with what Stassi says because they are now close friends. Stassi revealed that she thought he was creepy because he told her that he liked her and wanted to take her out. On last night's episode, Bravo shared footage of Jeremy hugging Stassi at Tom and Katie's wedding last year, revealing exactly what happened.

Apparently, this was creepy for Stassi, who may have overexaggerated.

It's awesome to see that he's reminding his fans that he's an emotional person. It's possible that he loves with all of his heart and he's dedicated to the women he loves.

Rumors about his past

But Stassi could also be referring to rumors that surfaced about Jeremy not too long ago. When he first showed up on the show, reports surfaced about him having a restraining order against him, and him supposedly threatening his girlfriend. However, those reports were later questioned, as charges against him were supposedly dropped.

It sounds like he's not the creepy guy or bad boyfriend that some people would want him to be. These days, he's surrounding himself with people who love him including his sister and his true friends in Los Angeles.

What do you think of Jeremy Madix's tweet as his "Vanderpump Rules" co-stars are calling him creepy, simply because he has a lot of emotions inside of him?