A lot hype is surrounding Christina Aguilera's new album and word is out that there's a possible leak on what's not expected to be released for at least a few months. A website got wind of the rumored leak when details of what might be Xtina's highly anticipated album spilled on the Internet.

Illegal music selling site may have spilled the album

Breathe Heavy reports that Christina Aguilera's new album was purportedly leaked from an illegal music selling website. Somehow they obtained a portion of the song, "Masochist." A day after that, the never-before-heard song and demo, "Fall In Line" trickled out -- only it wasn't a brief clip -- it was the whole song.

Fans who are excellent sleuths believe they've uncovered the full track list of Christina Aguilera's new album. The list is comprised of the album's title and the artists the 37-year-old collaborated with. The website emphasizes that all of the details it published are unverified and shouldn't be consumed as official information regarding Aguilera's next album. It's strictly speculation at this point.

Title and tracks

Christina Aguilera's new album is rumored to be titled, "Liberation," and will consist of 12 tracks. The pop star will supposedly have tracks featuring Demi Lovato, Anderson .Paak, Ty Dolla $ign, and 2Chainz.

The leaked tracks on Christina Aguilera's latest album are believed to be: 1.

“Sick Of Sitting” 2. “Like I Do” 3. “Unless It’s With You” 4. “Maria” 5. “Twice” 6. “Masochist” 7. “I Don’t Need It Anymore Interlude” 8.”Pipe” 9. “Fall In Line” 10. “Deserve” 11. “Accelerate” 12. “Right Moves”

The song "Like I Do" is revealed as being a collaboration with Anderson .Paak, "Fall In Line" could be the one Aguilera teams up with Demi Lovato on, and "Accelerate" may feature a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign and 2Chainz.

Breathe Heavy reports that some Aguilera fans wonder if P!nk will be the artist Christina collaborates with for "Pipe." TBD is noted on the track list, which indicates "to be determined."

Early release date?

The release date for Xtina's new album is believed to be this May or June. If the album leaked, it wouldn't be a surprise if the release date is sooner.

As the report goes on to say, the album could be online anytime if "Liberation" actually got leaked.


When it comes to Christina Aguilera's collaborations, its been strongly hinted that Demi Lovato would be one of the singers on the album. When Xtina was asked by TMZ if she was working with Lovato, she said there were "big things coming." Lovato said the same thing in November when she shared with fans at a concert that she just collaborated on a project with one of her biggest idols -- and Christina is at the top of the list for her.