Black Panther” delivered the movie-to-see of 2018 just about a week ago and fans are absolutely head over heels for the cast, particularly the king himself, T’Challa. Chadwick Boseman has starred in a variety of films and shows such as “42,” “CSI: NY,” and “Law & Order.” Fans were given the opportunity to speak directly to Chadwick Boseman via a fake video chat on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show,” but little did they know, there was a bit more to the experience than they were told.

Fans absolutely moved

Black Panther went to great lengths to represent a large group of people, internationally, that have felt constantly underrepresented within all forms of media.

Fans stood in front of a screen during Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to explain how “Black Panther” had affected them positively. Many of them became emotional as they spoke about how it felt to be African-American and experience this film, that had gained much love and attention, before its release.

One woman stepped forward with her son at her side to explain that his childhood had “been defined by President Barack Obama, and now, Black Panther.” Chadwick comes out promptly to thank and hug them, as he does with just about each individual that steps forward to talk about how the movie affected them.

It is not entirely common knowledge, but Chadwick Boseman is also a Harvard University graduate.

A young woman, a student from the school, stepped forward expressing her and other students’ pride for having such an intelligent and powerful actor come directly from a place they consider home.

What 'Black Panther' gave to its audience

People from all backgrounds stepped forward, one at a time, to give their love to the movie, and each time, Boseman blew them away.

His love for his own role in “Black Panther” has shown through various interviews and talks where he speaks about his own personal experiences in becoming T’Challa.

“Black Panther” brought to the table something we have never seen before within the MCU, let alone other superhero films. This movie sets a standard for what fans will be looking for in the future and for what measures writers truly need to take in order to make their films something their audiences fall in love with.

Black Panther” has left audience members seeing the film more than once and begging for more content of these new heroes. T’Challa and his family have certainly left a mark on the cinematic world that will linger for a very, very long time.