"Gotham" has posted a new video on their official YouTube channel in which they recap the events we've seen thus far as they provide a sneak peek of what's coming when it returns for the second part of Season 4 on Thursday, March 1. A crazy alliance between Penguin and Jerome, who is slowly growing into The Joker, a newly hatched and stronger Poison Ivy, coming back on screen after being MIA for the first chunk of episodes, some of the same old Gotham City shenanigans we've grown to know and love, and the rise of The Dark Knight are some of the things we should be getting ready for.

For Batman to rise, Bruce Wayne has to fall

Ever since Season 2, the series takes on a new subtitle with every midseason, depending on the focus of the show for the year. This part of Season 4 is titled "A Dark Knight" and it's been focusing on young Bruce Wayne as he gets closure for the death of his parents, starts showing off his newly acquired awesome fighting skills, and teased everyone with his own version of the night vigilante. Though he still has a long way to go, it was very satisfying seeing him put on his mask and get on his way toward a life of fighting crime.

Bruce Wayne had some lessons of his own to learn. He has been taking advantage of his status as a social elite, not just as a way to pursue justice, but for his own benefit.

This is not out of the ordinary for a typical teenager with nothing but money and a butler to do his chores, but something no one would expect from Batman himself. Last time we saw Master Bruce, he had fired Alfred and was as close to hitting rock bottom as one could possibly be. So, it's safe to expect to see the show explore his irresponsible behavior now that he is on his own, but I rest assured, knowing he won't be without his Alfred for too long.

The city's underground and it's fight for power

Sofia Falcone has taken over the city with the help of Barbara, Selina and Tabatha. They were able to outsmart Penguin, who is now locked up at Arkham Asylum. Sofia sure made her list of enemies grow and she clawed her way up the chain of command, with Dr. Lee Thompkins and Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot each with their own vendetta against her.

It is well known how Penguin tends to react to treason but I'm really looking forward to seeing a vengeful side of Lee for the first time. Besides, how long will it be before her new minions (Barbara, Selina, and Tabatha) turn on their new boss? If the past is any indication, as soon as a better suitor comes their way.

Also coming back with his trademark laugh is Jerome, who will be making an alliance with Penguin as they both find themselves confined in Arkham. We can start making our bets as to when those two will get themselves out on the streets with their own orchestrated escape. Let's not forget, Jerome has a way of persuading people and gains followers better than any cult leader in history.

So, once he is out there, Gotham City is in for a show like only The Joker can provide. Not that we can trust anything he says, but he makes the promise that "We are gonna have so much fun."

Ivy Pepper has been re-cast one more time and actress Peyton List is making her debut as the character. In the past, Ivy was able to control people's minds using plant-induced perfume, but now it looks like she's got a new set of superpowers which she later uses to cause chaos, managing to become a GCPD person of interest as she will try to "Make Gotham her b*#ch."

One of the last sneak peeks we get is Batman himself, as he appears to Bruce Wayne after he's been kissed by Ivy and is hallucinating as a result.

In his typical low, whisper type voice, he presents himself to Bruce as "The one you cannot escape, the one you cannot kill" prior to disintegrating and turning into a bunch of bats.

"Gotham" returns Thursday March 1 at 8 ET on Fox.