One of the biggest stories of Tuesday night was that Donald Trump had ordered the Pentagon to throw a military parade in his honor. In response, the hosts on "The View" had a few things to say.

"The View" on Trump

On Tuesday night, the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump had recently spoke to military officials and called on the Pentagon to set up a military parade in honor of his presidency. For the last two and a half years since the start of his campaign for president, Trump has promoted himself as a man who cares deeply about the United States military and veterans.

In regards to the parade, Trump reportedly got the idea from a similar event that takes place in France called the Bastille Day military parade. According to reports, the parade, which is in the early stages and is being planned for Veterans Day, could cost millions of dollars and it's unknown how the event will be funded.

Trump's decision to hold his own military parade was a hot topic of discussion during the February 7 edition of "The View" on ABC.

"We’ve got a tax cut costing the US $1.5 trillion, a border wall that's going to be $25 billion, and the government on the verge of another shutdown," co-host Whoopi Goldberg said. "He wants to throw a big blowout military parade, with tanks and troops marching through D.C," Goldberg noted, before adding, "he's got money, he's a billionaire.

You pay for it!"

Co-host Joy Behar also chimed in pointing out that the president took his idea from the French, before asking "if you want to emulate the French, how about some national health care?" Not stopping there, fellow co-host Meghan McCain went on to note that there were more than "nine million veterans enrolled in VA healthcare and 40,000 veterans who are homeless," suggesting that the money spent on a parade should instead go to help those who risked their lives for the country.

Next up

As of press time, neither Donald Trump nor the White House have responded to the reports of the president's request of a military parade, though the backlash was quickly heard from critics and the majority of the mainstream media. With the exception of most on Fox News and other conservative news outlets, the former host of "The Apprentice" was reminded that despite his need to appeal to the military, he was a five-time draft dodger who once claimed he had bone spurs to avoid serving in the Vietnam War. In addition, Trump's attacks on veterans like Arizona Sen. John McCain are well-documented.